Taman Ayodya, Jakarta Overview

Taman Ayodya is a city park in Jakarta that provides many modern facilities like wireless internet connecitivity, allowing people to work on their laptops and stay connected on their mobiles while in an environment far from the chaos of the city. A beautiful artificial lake with fountains sits in the middle of the park. Taman Ayodya is a unique place in Indonesia, being the only park in the country to provides facilities for differently abled people.

Located in the heart of the city, the Taman Ayodya Park in Jakarta is a green haven. A much sought after attraction in the midst of the urban landscape, the Taman Ayodya is built on a land that was once home to a fish market and flower shops. Today it is one of the most popular attractions in the city and visited by locals and tourists alike.

Spread over 7500 sq meters, there is an artificial lake covering 1500 sq. meters in the middle of the park. With lush tree and grass cover, fountains and the lake the Taman Ayodya Park has much more to offer. With modern facilities, like wireless internet connectivity and special lanes for the disabled, the Taman Ayodya Park is a perfect spot for not only families and children, but also, for workaholics and differently-abled persons.

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Things to See Around the Park

There are a number of hotels and various markets around the Taman Ayodya Park. Some of the popular marketing areas include the Barito Bird Market, Plaza Block M, Taman Puring Market and the Kebayoran Baru Mall. After a tiring round of shopping, the Taman Ayodya Park can be the perfect place to sit and much on a snack overlooking the lake and the green surroundings.

Facilities of the Park

There are lots of things to do within the park area. There are footpaths for walking and jogging tracks for joggers. There are benches, seats, as well as, gazebos that are ideal for relaxation or picnicking. Enough space for children to run around and play, the park is also suited for the elderly who like to sit and relax in the evenings.

Those who enjoy roller blade skating and cycling can also try out the sport in the park. The lake is home to various fishes and visitors are allowed to feed the fish. There are also all the basic amenities in the park, such as bathrooms, vehicle parking area and food vendors.

However, there are a few things that stand out for the Taman Ayodya Park and are often not found in other parks around the world:
  • Free Wi-Fi facilities – The Park has free internet connection and hence people can work on their laptops, mobiles or use their favourite gadgets.
  • Eating area – The food and beverage stalls are all situated in one area of the park so that visitors are not disturbed by vendors and sellers constantly.
  • Facilities for Disabled – The Taman Ayodya Park is one of the few parks that are specially designed for the disabled.
  • There are special lanes for wheel-chairs or people using canes.
  • There are also special toilets built for the disabled.

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