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Toko Merah, located at Jakarta Old Town, translates to "Red Shop." The former residence of Governer-General Gustaaf Willem now attracts many tourists for its gorgeous vintage setting. Couples from Indonesia even come to Toko Merah for pre-wedding photoshoots as the red walls of the building serve as splendid backgrounds. Nowadays, the building serves as a venue for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. Having said that, its historical significance and architecture also draw a considerable number of people each year just to explore the building and its surroundings.

Toko Merah is recognized as a landmark that dates back to the Dutch Colonization. Located in the Old Town of Jakarta, it is one of the oldest buildings in Jakarta and is owned by an assembly of state-owned enterprise for trade. Toko Merah once hosted some famous personalities like Willian Bligh and has been featured in a movie ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’.

In the late-17th century till around 1808, the building was transformed into a hotel. Around the mid-19th century, Toko Merah was owned by a Chinese Captain who used it as a residence. In the early-20th century, the building was converted into a Bank and later served as the office of a Dutch-owned company. After 1957, it was owned by state-owned enterprises and restored to function as a venue for official and commercial use.

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Things to Do

Toko Merah houses an open gallery where several exhibitions have been organized. Visitors can go for exhibitions and also explore the interiors of the building. The riverfront near Toko Merah is another scenic attraction that can be seen. Toko Merah is located in the old town of Batavia, which is famous for the Fatahillah Square. Visitors can explore several museums and an old harbour at the square. Interested ones can book the halls at Toko Merah for corporate and private events.


Toko Merah occupies an area of 2.5 square metres of land and is a classic example of the Baroque style of architecture. It consists of two buildings with one common roof. It has an expansive open area on the ground floor which serves as a gallery for exhibitions or as a venue for celebratory events.

The top floors have spacious rooms which are often used for official conferences and meetings. The buildings have tall windows and a blend of Chinese and European décor. The complex also has some carriage houses and stables which were built when the site was expanded to be transformed into a hotel.  

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