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Anjali Vij

2 years ago
Jaisalmer, also known as the Golden City, seems as if old fairytale dessert towns have come to life. The city is oriented around the Jaisalmer Fort, which is in itself one of the only living forts in (Read More) India. Apart from the fort, the desert around the city offer activities such as dune bashing, parasailing, desert camping and so on. The city itself has very little to offer but the various experiences etched around the city are worth it. I visited Jaisalmer at the last during my tour around Rajasthan largely because Jaisalmer has limited connectivity from major cities Jaipur and Udaipur. The autorickshaw prices are also high in Jaisalmer such that walking is much preferred as the city itself is not that widely spread at all.

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2 years ago
Jaisalmer is a very nice city to visit. "Link Hidden"

Ushni Dasgupta

2 years ago
If you're a history aficionado and Satyajit Ray fan like me, the hidden lanes of the Fort may seem like a treasure hunter's fantasy realised! I would recommend stopping and listening to the sarangi-b (Read More)earing musician's rendition of Kesariya Balam. When you're back home, the rustic notes will help you find your way back to the land of golden sands!

Ayush Baheti

2 years ago
- Keep you sunscreen and sunglasses handy. The Deser Safari would obviously be quite dusty, so go prepared for that. Evening and nights might be very cool.

Ishita Solanki

2 years ago
I have visited Jaisalmer twice, and fell absolutely in love with the desert each time. For me, the main attraction in Jaisalmer are the sand dunes and the tents which offer accommodation for the nigh (Read More)ts, situated close by. We once went to Khuri, and once to Sam Sand Dunes. Both the times were equally exhilarating. The cultural evening that takes place at the tents is very enjoyable, and worth every penny you spend. Jaisalmer also boasts of a grand fort, which is also a must visit. Apart from that, there are many havelis and mahals in and around the city. Indeed, Jaisalmer is the true Rajasthan experience.

kiran kakadiya

2 years ago
Its amazing place to visit our history of soldiers. Also it is maintained and running by soldiers and selling some good products as well, so please do visit this place once. If any one have contact i (Read More)nformation of it, I need it to buy something from its store.

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Q. I am planning to visit Jaisalmer around New Years. Would it be very crowded at that time? Also, are there cafes to just sit and chill?

Pallavi Siddhanta

2 years ago
Jaisalmer's desert safari is conducted around the New Year's. Crowded yes, so book well in advance. About Cafes, Free Tibet is nice to sit and chill.

Q. How many days will it take me to do all the site seeings in details..?? Where can i find cheap fooding and hotels? And what will transportation cost cover all the main places in jaiselmer?

Viren Gupta

2 years ago
Total three days are required to visit almost all nearby places except travelling time and if you are keen to visit san dunes and thar then 2 more days are required. You can get great deals in nearby (Read More) village as homestays options if you are comfortable or else book a hotel near fort.

Q. I wanna trip to jaislemer n udaipur. .hw mny dys it tak to cmplt my trip

Pallavi Siddhanta

2 years ago
It should take you 2-3 days for Udaipur, and another 2-3 days for Udaipur if you're visiting all the sights. Account one day for commuting between Jaisalmer and Udaipur.

Q. How many night we need to spend to cover Jaisalmer??

Surbhi Parashar Parashar

2 years ago
It should take you around 2 nights and 3 days for to cover Jaisalmer properly.

Q. How mani days stay in jaiselmer

Kovid Kapoor

2 years ago
2-3 days is good for exploring Jaisalmer. You can opt to visit Khuri, which is close to Jaisalmer and an offbeat option for the sand dune fun!

Q. I am planning to stay therefor two days. Which placesi shudsee in order

Prabhat Sharma

2 years ago
See the local popular sightings in jaisalmer.. Duhh
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