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Art of Oldtown is a collection of 7 beautiful murals scattered across the town of Ipoh. The murals are beautiful 3D wall paintings giving a glimpse of the local style, culture and history of the town. These seven murals are 8 Uncle drinking coffee (Jalan Bandar), 9 Paper plane (Jalan Tun Sambanthan), Five packets of kopi-O (Jalan Tun Sambanthan), Hummingbird (Jalan Panglima), Evolution (Jalan Bijeh Timah), 13 Trishaw garbage collector (Concubine Lane 3), Girl and sparrows (painted over, not existing anymore) (Jalan Bandar Timah).

The Art of Oldtown was created by Ernest Zacharevic who gave shape to the art craze in Georgetown, made to honour the common history and heritage between Ipoh, Oldtown White Coffee and Oldtown. When visiting Ipoh to savour the famous white coffee of Ipoh, visiting the Art of Oldtown for its exciting murals is a must.

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The 7 Murals of Art of OldTown

1. An Old Uncle with a coffee cup - This mural is present outside the OldTown White Coffee cafe as the murals were made to celebrate the history and heritage of this cafe. 

An Old Uncle with a coffee cup mural, Art of Old Town Ipoh
An Old Uncle With a Coffee Cup Mural (Source)
2. A Paper Plane - This mural is present near the OldTown White Coffee cafe for which the visitors will have to look in the direction of the sky. 

A Paper Plane mural, Art of Oldtown Ipoh
A Paper Plane Mural (Source)
3. Kopi-O - Kopi-O translates to black coffee in Hokkien. There are 5 packets of coffee hanging on a wall which perfectly blend with the background and make for an amazing backdrop for pictures. 

Kopi-O mural, Art of Oldtown Ipoh
The Kopi-O Mural (Source)
4. A Yellow Hummingbird - This is a beautiful giant Hummingbird which can be found very close to the Kopi-O mural in the close by car park. 

 A Yellow Hummingbird mural, Art of Oldtown Ipoh
The Yellow Hummingbird Mural (Source)
5. Evolution - The mural is a presentation of the tin mining industry which made Ipoh flourish for about 100 years. It is a Chinese style painting and the visitors can also visit the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum just behind the mural which depicts tin mining. 

6. Trishaw - This mural consists of an actual trishaw which has been cemented to the wall and represents a man collecting recyclable items like tins and cartons on the trishaw. It puts forward an actual practice in Asia where men collect recyclable items to be sold for money. 

Trishaw mural, Art of Oldtown Ipoh
 The Triwshaw Mural (Source)
7. A Girl- The girl is shown standing on plastic chairs and some thick books so that she can reach the cage in which there are birds.

A Girl mural, Art of Oldtown Ipoh
A girl with the books mural (Source)

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