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Dharampuri, Indore Overview

Dharampuri is a quaint little town filled with historical gems in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh set along the banks of river Narmada, was also said to be the birthplace and abode of Narmada’s daughter Roopmati who married the ruler of Mandu; Baz Bahadur. The town was established by the oldest Pandava; Yudhishthir and is rich in legends and folklores, all adding to its ancient charm and mystery. It is a gateway into the eventful lives of celebrated kings and queens that resided here centuries ago, also home to some stunning architectural marvels of medieval period, Dharampuri is a treasure cove tucked away in to a cosy little town neck that has been a residence to a plethora of Emperors and fostered their tales of benevolence and fortitude.

Places to See

1. Bilwamrateshwar Mahadev Temple

The temple of Bilwamrateshwar Mahadev is set on an island surrounded by two streams the river Narmada, it is just 2 kilometres away from Dharampuri. This is said to be the temple where Sage Dadhichi, who is believed to have donated his bones for humankind on the same island worshipped Lord Shiva. The temple has a chamber to mark the spot where Sage Dadhichi and his wife meditated during their stay there. The temple also has a shrine for Lord Datteraya and Goddess Narmada towards the south of the island. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of the temple and is worshipped in the form of a Shivling. The temple sees a grand celebration during the Mahashivratri festivities and is said to be established in the era of Mahabharata ( ancient religious saga).

Dharampuri is a small town set along the coast of river Narmada, the town is rich in history and houses ancient ruins of several palaces and royal chambers. The town has been a kingdom to many great rulers over the course of years. You should definitely visit here if history catches your fancy, the town has an array of historical structures for you to explore and uncover the stories behind them.

Photos of Dharampuri

More on Dharampuri

Dharampuri is mostly famous for its historical monuments and can be visited throughout the year but summers however do get a bit harsh so you could plan your visit around fall.

The nearest airport is the Indore Airport, 100 kilometres from Dharampuri and the nearest major railway station is Ratlam over 100 kilometres away. There are also buses at regular intervals to Mandu from Indore via Dhar and you can take a taxi from Mandu to Dharampuri, buses also ply from Ratlam and Bhopal.

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