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Established : 1998

Address : 140 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Nickname : Garage Mahal

Admission Fee : None

Exhibitions and Programs : Fernando Casas & Susanne Thea, Fotofest, World Art Car Day: Children’s Mini Art Car Workshop, Animals, Then and Now, The Works of Brian Zievert and Danilo Stampalija etc.

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ArtCar Museum, Houston Overview

Combining cars and contemporary art, ArtCar Museum in Houston is a private museum that was built in 1998 with the intentions of drawing attention to political, economic as well as personal aspects of art. Also known as Garage Mahal, the museum features a large number of remolded stock cars that have been customised to fit within the artistic visions of local, national and international artists.

They are adorned with different colours, decorations and designs which make them unique and even bizarre. Representative of folk, public and fine art, there is on display a plethora of art cars, low riders, mobile contraptions at the museum, along with other art works. Exhibitions, both permanent and revolving, programs, workshops and the Houston Art Car Parade are some of the main attractions associated with this establishment.

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