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Star Ferry , Hong Kong Overview

Star Ferry is a passenger service operator and a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Declared as one of the 50 must visit destinations in one’s lifetime, it connects important points in the city - Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, and Centra. The major highlight of Star Ferry is Victoria harbour cruise to witness the “A Symphony of Lights” show. 

The Star Ferry has been used as a means of transportation between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon since 1888. While these two sides of the Victoria Harbour have now been connected with world class infrastructure, tens of millions of passengers aboard the Star ferry every year to get a close up view of the Victoria harbour and click photographs.

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Star Ferry Route and Fare

There are three main piers or stations between which the ferry works i.e. Tsim Sha Sui Pier (Kowloon Peninsula), Central Star Ferr Pier and Wan Chai Star Ferry Pier.

  • Central to Tsim Sha Sui
  Monday to friday (except Public Holidays) Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
  Upper Deck Lower Deck Upper Deck Lower Deck
Adults HKD 2.7 HKD 2.2 HKD 3.7 HKD 3.1
Children (3 to 12 years) HKD 1.6 HKD 1.5 HKD 2.2 HKD 2.1
Disabled Person HKD 1.6 HKD 1.5 HKD 2.2 HKD 2.1
Senior Citizen (above 65 years) Free
Monthly Ticket  HKD 135
4 Day Ticket HKD 27.5

  • Wanchai to Tsim Sha Sui
  Monday to friday (except Public Holidays) Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Adults HKD 2.7 HKD 3.7
Children (3 to 12 years) HKD 1.6 HKD 2.2
Disabled Person HKD 1.6 HKD 2.2
Senior Citizen (above 65 years) Free
Monthly Ticket HKD 135
4 Day Ticket HKD 27.5

Star Ferry Tours

Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour (Daytime) and Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour (Nightime)
This tour is not only applicable for families but also for single passengers and refreshment coupon is also included. This tour lasts for one hour.

Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour: “A Symphony of Lights”
This tour is especially for people who would like to watch the multi-media laser show of the city view called A Symphony of Lights on board. Refreshments coupons are included and one will be able to experience the light show in its full bloom.

One can take the following ferry tours from the following stations:

  Tsim Sha Sui Pier Central Pier Number 7 Wanchai Pier Adult Fare Children (3 to 12 years), disabled person, senior citizens (above 65 years)
Star Ferry Harbour  Tour (Daytime) 11:55 AM, 12:55 PM, 13:55 PM,
14:55 PM, 15:55 PM, 16:55 PM, 17:55 PM
12:15 PM, 13:15 PM, 14:15 PM, 15:15 PM, 16:15 PM,
17:15 PM
12:30 PM, 13:30 PM, 14:30 PM, 15:30 PM HKD 110 HKD 95
Star Ferry Harbour Tour (Nighttime) 18:55 PM, 20:55 PM 20:15 PM N/A HKD 200 HKD 175
Star Ferry Harbour Tour: A Symphony of Lights 19:55 PM 19:15 N/A HKD 230 HKD 200

Star Ferry Victoria Harbor Cruise

Victoria Harbour is the heart of Hong Kong and is a great way to enjoy the magnificent view of the city. It’s one of the world’s busiest and beautiful harbours and it has a lot to offer. While the visitors can choose from different types of cruises to visit Victoria Harbour, the Star Ferry Victoria Harbour Cruise if very famous. The Star Ferry “Shining Star” offers one hour cruise circles Victoria Harbour and leaved from both Tsim Sha Sui Pier and Central Pier.

Shining Star is a double decker air-conditioned ferry and has an outside viewing platform. The ferry also provides taped commentary and refreshments on board. Symphony of Lights Evening Cruise is also available. The tour starts from 11:55 PM from Tsim Sha Sui Pier and from 12:15 from Central.

Day Tour – HKD 85
Evening Tour – HKD 160
Symphony of Lights Tour – HKD 194


1. The ticket counter closes 10 minutes before the departure. Tickets can be purchased from Tsim Sha Sui Star Ferry Pier and at the Central Pier 7 on the date of departure.
2. Try to avoid the ferry trip during rush hour as it can be crammed with commuters.
3. It is better that one waits for sailing just before 8:00 PM as the boats pause in the middle of the harbour to allow the passengers to watch A Symphony of Lights Show.
4. Do pay slightly more for the upper deck ticket as the show and view from the upper deck is way better than from the seats on the Lower Deck.
5. It is advised that you buy the tickets in either the rear or front of the boat as the seats can be flipped, allowing the person to sit in the direction facing the travel route.
6. 4-Day Tourists Tickets are available at both Tsim Sha Sui Pier and Central Pier for sale. Ticket holders can enjoy unlimited rides on all regular ferry services between Central/Tsim Sha Sui and Wanchai /Tsim Sha Sui for free. 

How To Reach Star Ferry

One of the easiest ways to reach any of the three piers is through the MTR.

Tsim Sha Sui Pier: Take the train and get down at Tsim Sha Sui Pier. Exit the station from Exit L6 and walk to the Clock Tower along Salisbury Road till you reach the ferry pier.

Central Pier: Take the train and get down at Hong Kong Station. Exit the station from Exit A. Walk along the Man Yiu Street until you reach the pier.

Wan Chai Star Ferry Pier: Take the train and get down at Wan Chai Station. Exit the station from Exit A1. Take the sky bridge to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Descend at Convention Avenue at Harbour Road and walk till you reach the pier.

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