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Seug Wan, Hong Kong Overview

Located on the Hong Kong Island, the hipster neighbourhood of Sheung Wan reflects the modern metropolis wrapped in ancient Chinese traditions. Sheung Wan is one of a kind and even the streets boast a glorious past. The region is brimming with vintage shops, medicinal stalls and cosy cafes that can satisfy your soul and empty the wallet.

This is the favourite haunt for locals and tourists to grab a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. Apart from food and shopping, Sheung Wan is also the home to the 19th century Man Mo temple. It is one of the oldest British settlements and has an age-old charm that is visible even today. If you want to embrace peace amidst the chaos, Sheung Wan is the place to be. 

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Places to Visit in Sheung Wan

Man Mo Temple: Standing tall at Hollywood Road, the gigantic Man Mo Temple is a sight to behold. The temple was dedicated to the Taoist God of War and Literature, but still hosts the statues of Shing Wong and Pau Kung. A bronze bell here is regarded as a historical relic and is carefully preserved as a Declared Monument.

Man Mo Temple Hong Kong
Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences: The newly renovated Hong Kong Museum is a paradise for heritage lovers. It houses several historical treasures such as medical documents, equipment, old photos and so on. Explore the rooms and get a closer look at many important items from the ancient period.

Yat-Sen Historical Trail: If you are a history buff, Hong Kong’s interesting past would intrigue you. Set up in 1996, this historical trail sheds light into the life of Sun Yat-Sen (the first President of the Chinese Republic) and other revolutionaries who played an integral role in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty.

Over the Influence Gallery: This is an art gallery located in Central Hong Kong. The gallery features contemporary programmes and showcases the work of eminent artists like Enki Bilal, Abigail Goldsmith, Hikari Shimoda and many more.

Blake Garden: It is a public park named after the former British Governor, Sir Arthur Blake. The park is peaceful and packed with lush greenery. Hence, it is the perfect place to embrace solitude away from the bustling streets of Sheung Wan.

Pak Tsz Lane Park: This park was built in 2011 to commemorate the Chinese Democratic Revolution led by Sun Yat-Sen. This project is a way to remember Hong Kong’s contribution to the revolution. The park looks fascinating with four garden rooms and children play area.  

Hollywood Road Park: It is an incredible green space tucked away in one corner of the street. The traditional Chinese entry gate enthrals visitors with its charm. This urban park is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll and inhaling the fresh air.

Hollywood Road Park Sheung Wan
Hollywood Road Park

Sheung Wan Restaurants & Bars

Kau Kee is one of the must-visit food joints and is known for its beef brisket noodles. It is in business for around 90 years and is a favourite spot for the locals. Do not expect a plush ambience and be ready to share your table with strangers. However, the food is satisfying and very hard to beat.

Mrs Pound is a hipster joint that serves Asian Food with a twist. All the dishes are delicious especially Sichuan Steaks, Rendang Subs and Laksa Bibimbap. The exterior of the eatery looks similar to a locksmith store, so do not let it mislead you.

Chachawan Thai Issan Food is known for serving Issan cuisine that is rarely found anywhere else. The interior looks like an old school draped in bright colours. The rustic look complements the dishes that are available here and the epic mural adds a vintage flavour to the place. The grilled meat cooked on a charcoal pit is definitely worth trying.

Three Monkeys is one of the finest restaurants that specialises in Japanese food as well as mouth-watering home-style meals. Even the beer and cocktails are worth a try. The retro lamps and the brick walls exude a chic style and impart a cosmopolitan vibe.

Grassroots Pantry focuses on offering healthy food made from fresh ingredients. Their specialities are sweet potato fries, quinoa salad and a digestion booster beverage. Grassroots maintain a high culinary standard and organize special classes for people who are interested in learning about culinary practice.

Chautari: If you are craving for Indian and Nepalese cuisine in Hong Kong, Chautari is the place where you should be. It is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the city, known for its scrumptious food. Quench your thirst with some amazing lassis when you are here.

Shopping at Sheung Wan

Western Market: The Western Market is an Edwardian-style structure and one of the oldest surviving market buildings that exude a colonial charm. The huge red structure with vaulted ceiling stands erected on the Chinese street and teleport visitors to the bygone era.

Graham Street: The bustling Graham Street boasts the oldest operating street market in the city. It is in service for more than 200 years and offers buyers with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. Scour the busy market and fall in love with the true essence of Hong Kong.

Sheung Wan

Streets of Sheung Wan

Ko Shing Street: Popularly known as the medicine street, this area is packed with ancient Chinese medicine shops. This street is the centrepiece of the herbal medicine trade that is flourishing in Hong Kong. Medicine Street is the hotspot for different tonics and herbal remedies. Meandering through the alleys will expose you to the rich history of the country.

Antique Street: If you have a thing for jewellery, carvings, pottery and ornaments, scouring the markets in Antique Street are a must. The streets are dotted with pretty shops that look unique yet inviting.

Upper Lascar Row: There is no better place on the Earth for antique shopping other than Upper Lascar Row. If you have ample time, you can discover plenty of hidden gems. Delicate porcelain, inexpensive jewellery, ornaments everything can be found here. It is also a great place to buy Taoist memorabilia and take them home.

Dried Seafood Street: Bonham Strand and Wing Lok Street are filled with food stalls selling rare, dried seafood. This is a great place to get a deeper insight into Chinese culture and eating habits. The streets are crowded during Chinese New Year when every household is gearing up for the festivity. The shops are mostly closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Hollywood Road: This is the heart of the antique trade in the city. The winding streets are lined with dozens of stores that sell everything, from memorabilia to period furniture, pottery, ornaments and so on. The products are dirt cheap and it is a great place to pick up souvenirs.

Sheung Wan
Sheung Wan After Dark


1. Wear comfortable shoes
2. Carry an umbrella or a rain jacket
3. Purchase a Hong Kong Octopus travel card, that works for all the public transport except cars

How To Reach Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan lies in the North-west of Hong Kong, between Sai Ying Pun and Central. Riding a Ding Ding Tram is the most appropriate way to travel from the older part of the city. In order to reach Sheung Wan, you can take the Westbound tram that is heading towards Kennedy from Central. Sheung Wan Station is the closest MTR station were you can get down and start walking.

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