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The Hong Kong Skyline is a stunning perspective of all the infamous skyscrapers like the HSBC Main Building, Bank of China Tower, Central Plaza, International Commerce Center along with the beautiful hills with the sky as a background.

The vista of Hong Kong, its magnificent skyline can be captured from the Victoria Peak and the Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Sui Promenade and Sky100 Observation Deck. Witnessing the laser light and sound show ‘A Symphony of Lights’ is the sweetest cherry on the top because it showcases the marveling journey of Hong Kong into becoming the booming economy it is now. 

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Notable Buildings in Hong Kong

International Commerce Centre
Standing wide with pride, it is the tallest building in Hong Kong and 9th on the world list. Having a multitude of activities running through it, this glittering building’s top 15 floors form part of the uber-luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the others as world-class offices while the 100th floor is used as the very popular Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck for the public to enjoy the prolific view of the skyline.

Central Plaza
One of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong, it is home to the grandest churches in the city. Decked in modern glassware with a triangular floor plan, look out for its lighting system called LIGHTIME which shines bright at the top showing the time, looking all elegant and classy.

International Finance Centre II
Often known as a world-astonishing structure (thanks to its ultra-modern shape) by eminent personalities, it houses the workspace of some of the highest net worth companies like Samsung Electronics, UBS, and BNP Paribas. It is almost like the symbol of wealth in the city. A Hollywood favourite sometimes, it has also been featured in several high budget movies like The Dark Knight and Tomb Raider 2.

Bank of China Tower
Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M Pei, it is often regarded for its unconventional shape of a rising bamboo, which actually represents prosperity, vitality, strength and an enterprising Spirit in Feng Shui. Aesthetically, this building endows the skyline of Hong Kong with a better sense of space actually!

HSBC Main Building
Not a super tall building but it finds its way on the list of notable buildings because, at its completion, it cost about 670 million USD to construct, making it the most expensive building of that time. Not only that but its location is a very comfortable/convenient one for purposes of viewing the skyline as well.

Hong Kong Skyline

Vantage Points

The Top Deck of the Star Ferry
The Star Ferry has been one of the most popular transportation options for almost 100 years now, and with even better reason because it is the perfect path to enjoy the moving, ethereal Hong Kong skyline across the Victoria Harbor. It is an impeccable choice for a romantic experience with great dining services and a stunning view of Hong Kong skyline at night.

The Pinnacle of Victoria Peak
Not only renowned for the many delectable food options and it's one of a kind peak tram, but the Victoria Peak is also probably the most optimal position for witnessing the Hong Kong skyline in all its glory as the natural veil is lifted and the ethereal view is disrobed.

Avenue of Stars
It is one of the most common places to view the skyline from because unlike going to some hotel buildings or bars/night clubs, it is free of charge. The images from here may not be as great as the ones from atop the tall buildings but it sure is economical and offers unobstructed and outstanding views over the Island’s swathe, plus the skyscrapers beyond.

Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
Perched at the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre, it is especially for the public to take multiple looks at the skyline from an unparalleled location, an unparalleled perspective of what the power city Hong Kong is made of. It is like being on top of the world in a beautiful space like atmosphere, literally.

The Lobby Lounge of the Intercontinental Hotel
For a more laid back yet splendid widescreen view of the stunning skyline, consider the lobby lounge of the Intercontinental Hotel with its commanding location and endless cocktail options. So sip and sit back to enjoy here.

Hong Kong Skyline Across Victoria harbour

Hong Kong Skyline at Night

Each time of the day brings with it a uniquely exquisite view of the Hong Kong Skyline, the morning displays warm colors and bright reflections, in the later noon you’ll see the pretty sunset and, in the night, the shining buildings against a dark-hued sky. However, at night the way the Victoria Harbor illuminates makes it the most worthwhile.

Hong Kong Skyline at Night

A Symphony of Lights

The indisputable must-see highlight in Hong Kong is the free laser light and sound show called ‘A Symphony of Lights’ sharp at 8:00 PM, where 44 legendary skyscrapers and landmarks light up to project the essence of Hong Kong, the distinct themes ranging from the awakening, energy, heritage to partnership and celebration displayed by flickering and radiant beams that convert the space into an aesthetic stage. According to Guinness World Records, it is actually the world’s largest permanent light and sound show lasting a good 14 minutes and 40 seconds!

Timeline of the Hong Kong Skyline

Originally/initially no tall buildings were made until in 1936, the HSBC building (the center of the skyline) was completed. The incoming heavy flow of immigrants and emerging markets paved the way for dismantling of old structures and giving rise to large-scale masterpieces for the purposes of business conferences, bazaars, offices, and accommodations. It is from the 20th century when looming towers like the Bank of China, Standard Chartered building and Central Plaza among others were erected, that now Hong Kong’s skyline is the pearl bedazzled luxury ribbon that we experience while being awestruck.


1. There is a fascinating show of ascending fireworks at the Victoria Harbor for the countdown of every New Year’s Eve so be sure to check that out if you’ll be going around that time of the year!
2. Right in front of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a prime viewing spot, the area closes at 11:00 PM so if that is your plan then take care of the time.

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