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Jade Market, Hong Kong Overview

Located at Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, Jade Market is a covered market in Hong Kong with a multiplicity of stalls selling various kinds of jades, pearls and other valuable stones in different sizes and shapes. Jades hold a good business in Hong Kong since they are a symbol of purity and are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Jade Market is filled with all types of jade ornaments ranging from pendants and bracelets to rings and earrings.

The vendors at the stalls can help the visitors with finding and altering the perfect jade for them according to the Chinese almanac based on the year of birth. A particular animal is considered appropriate for every person to wear and changed with the changing fortunes. The Jade Market in Hong Kong is vibrant with varied colours of different stones and pearls displayed. Loose stones, small statues, carvings and jewellery can also be found at the market.

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Things to Buy at Jade Market

Jade Market is mainly renowned for its exclusive collection of jades in the form of jewellery, trinkets, loose stones and statues of Buddha. 

  • Jade is available in a variety of colours like green, yellow, white and brown with green jade being the purest and the most expensive of all. To know if the jade is real or not, try holding it against the sunlight to see if there are find any bubbles inside it which would clearly indicate that it has been manipulated with plastic or silicon. There should not have any grey or brown tint visible in it. The original jade is translucent and should feel smooth and cold on being touched.
  • Chinese stones and crystals, agate, coral, mother of pearl, tiger-eye, turquoise and malachite are at a display in a number of colours and sizes along with other small gifts and souvenirs. 
  • Some vendors at the market are also willing to customize the stones according to the needs of the buyer.
Jade Market Hong Kong

Best Time to Visit

It is recommended to visit the Jade Market in the initial hours after the market is set up for the best experience as the vendors are willing to explain the jades and help one finds what suits them the best.


1. The vendors quote a higher price on seeing tourists but are willing to sell their products at a good bargain. Do not forget to bargain. If the vendor is not giving a good deal, try finding similar articles with other vendors.
2. One might get the products at a price half than the quoted price.
3. Jade Street located nearby is another option. The shops at Jade Street are licensed by the Hong Kong tourism association with a higher chance of being able to buy a real jade.

How To Reach Jade Market

Jade Market is accessible by MTR, bus or on foot. MTR can be taken to Yau Ma Tei Station (Exit C) or to Jordan station (Exit A) from where the market is at a walking distance. Number 9 can be boarded from Star Ferry bus station to reach Kowloon Central Post Office from where the market is at a walking distance.

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