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Food of Gulbarga

Gulbarga is famous for its unique, eclectic cuisine which is influenced by Persian, Marathi and Kannada dishes. The cuisine is distinctly spicy and sweet, with chillies and jaggery being the main ingredients of most dishes. The staple diet includes millets as opposed to rice. There are many vegetarian options you can try out too. Vegan-friendly cuisine is hard to come by, so make sure you take a few snacks with you if you?re vegan and planning to travel to Gulbarga. The Jolada Rotti, made with whole grain, is a staple food that is a must-try. The Tumbu Gai is an eggplant dish that is served with ground peanuts. If you?re one for sweetmeats, make sure to try the Godi Huggi, Shenga Unde, Malpuri and Holige Roti, which predominantly contain jaggery and coconut.

Gulbarga Photos

Historic Jama Masjid Gulbarga - Built in A.D. 1367
Bahmani Sultanate Architecture of Jama Masjid, Gulbarga
Gulbarga Fort - Built in Ancient Islamic Architecture

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