Golden Triangle Restaurants

Food of Golden Triangle

A must-try for travellers visiting the Golden Triangle is the local cuisine. Some of the most recommended dishes one can taste here are Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow (noodles with pork broth), Khao Soy (egg noodles in a spicy curry), Khao Kriep Pak Mo (dumplings), authentic Thai curries, more meat preparations and seafood. The province also has restaurants that serve international cuisine. One can easily find Chinese, European and other Asian dishes to satisfy their food cravings. Some of the recommended restaurants are Rod Yiem Beef Noodle Soup, Salung Khan, The Old Dutch, Baan Chivit Mai and Da Vinci.

Golden Triangle Photos

Golden Triangle
Golden Triangle - Located in Borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos
Triangular Shaped Land Structure in Golden Triangle
WatThat Doi Pu Khao - Holy Shrine in Golden Triangle

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