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Mae Sot

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Ideal duration: 3-4 Days

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"The Trade Hub of Thailand"

Mae Sot Tourism

Languishing in the western most corner of Thailand, sharing a border with Myanmar, Mae Sot in Tak province is the trading hub of Thailand. The city renowned for its indigenous pottery culture, brims with a variety of products that are reminiscent of its majority of population, which is Burmese. One can expect to find an eclectic range of street food, clothing, jewelry all at an affordable price range here.

Other than being the obvious market hub, one must visit the place for its magnificent architectural wonders in form of Budddhist temples and monasteries. In a constant effort to bring peace and friendship ties, there is now a highway that connects the Indian subcontinent with Thailand through a road that begins at Moreh in Manipur and passes through Mae Sot before ending at Bangkok. The city has thus, become an important connecting point to converge at.

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Places to Visit

Taksin Maharat National Park

Taksin Maharat National Park

If you wanna have a visual of the tamed flora of the Thai countryside, Taksin Maharat National Park promises you something of the same. You get to see some of Thailand's largest trees, waterfalls, several caves, the Sam Muen Thung Waterfalls, Mae Ya Pa and other rock structures that have been standing strong since centuries now. The price for entry is 6$ for adults and 3$ dor children above the age of three. The park stays open from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Borderline Tea Garden

It is an art exhibition for viewing in the upper storeys of the Tea Garden. The arts are a work of the local artists and is a direct look through the local and central Thai culture. They can also be bought at reasonable rates which you can keep as souvenirs for yourself.

Visit Chinese Temples


The city has a population with the Chinese population as a majority. Visiting their temples will give you an informative insight into the Chinese culture and religion which is quite vast, diverse and unique. You will also get to see the architectural aesthetics of the early Mongolian people. Visit the Hill Tribe Market- Originally known to be Ban Umyom Hilltribe Cultural centre that was primarily to offer tourism service to its people, this place has now evolved into a local hub that is famous for its goods, them being clothes, jewellery, food, gemstones and more. They also hold tribal dance performances once in a while.

Hot Springs Maekasa

Anyone who has an undying inclination for hot springs, this place is a must-visit for a dig into the pool and bathe yourself in its waterfall. You may also sit for a picnic choosing a spot that looks over to a scenic landscape which by the way is at plenty. 

Hua Fai Dam

The dam is one of the most conducive places for you to watch a sunset with your friends. There is a local brewery nearby, you can buy beers from and relax with your friends at dusk. 

Things to Do

Take Cooking classes
Mae Sot is famous for its culinary expertise. You may expert yourself on Thai cuisines from Tai (Mai Tai). For tourist purposes, the classes are held very briefly and it also offers a local view of the Burmese market. You are also given a cookbook specialized in the finest Myanmar recipes.

Visit the local market
It is a must-do in the town of Mae Sot since it is renowned for being a hub of local handicrafts, food and gemstones. If you plan to pick up gifts for your close ones that are affordable yet bear a central Thai aesthetic, the markets are to be visited without any delay. They sell everything from ethnic handicrafts, junk jewellery, pickles, light local snacks, street food, pots, vases etc.


  • Be careful while buying any jewellery as the gemstones are believed to be inauthentic
  • There are quite a few number of refugee camps, please beware as entering them is prohibited
  • There is also a huge market for second-hand cars from Japan, however taking a picture with them is frowned upon
  • You can also visit Myawaddy in Myanmar for a small fee and a passport

Mae Sot Photos

Mae Sot
Mae Sot - Beautiful Town with Cultural Diversity
Ancient Chinese Temple in Mae Sot
Wat Mani Phraison - Ancient Buddhist Temple

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FAQs on Mae Sot

What is the best time to visit Mae sot?

The best time to visit Mae Sot is from February to April.

The climate gets very moderate, mild and pleasant around this time of the year with vacation periods also being aligned with most places. Summers here could get extremely hot and winters equally cold, so it is advised to stick to the spring or autumn months.
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What is the local food in Mae sot?

Being at the meeting point of two major south-east Asian countries, Mae Sot is a melange of cultures and traditions. This is most evident in its food - both street and gourmet. Among the must-try dishes are the characteristic Thai Coffee, Samosas from the Burmese influence and most of all, dishes made with a combination of sour leaf and bamboo shoots. There is a distinct combination of Thai and Muslim cooking cultures that is evident in the dishes made of rice and chicken and the Roti served with condensed milk.
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What are the places near Mae sot?

The top places near to Mae sot are Bangkok which is 388 km from Mae sot, Chiang mai which is located 234 km from Mae sot, Pattaya which is located 488 km from Mae sot, Hua hin which is located 484 km from Mae sot, Phuket which is located 974 km from Mae sot

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