Food of Sukhothai

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Sub-Region: Sukhothai Province


More than fine dining restaurants, Sukhothai is famous for the outdoor stalls at the walking street and night market. It is popularly known for making Thailand's culinary spicy and better because of the Kuay Tiao dish, which is noodles with tom yam soup, bush beans and peanuts. Most stalls and restaurants in the city serve this dish. For a western dinner, you can head to Felice which serves delectable Italian food, or the Poo restaurant which is known for its crab.

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Local dishes of Sukhothai
Local dishes of Sukhothai

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Sukhothai

There are no pure vegan restaurants in Sukhothai, however, when you're at a vegetarian restaurant, you can request the chef to prepare the dish in vegan for you. Some of the best vegetarian resaturants here are Ning's Jay and the Vegetarian restaurant. Turban Bistro and the Alibaba Indian Food restaurant are two places that serve reasonable Indian food. The street stalls are not a very good idea for vegetarians.

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