How to Reach Fujairah from India

There are not many direct flights from India to Fujairah. Therefore, the best option to travel to the emirate is to first fly to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi and take a further domestic flight to the city. Many airlines fly to and from India to Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi including Air India, Air India Express, Jet Airways and Qatar Airways etc. One can book a flight from several cities of India as well to either of the two cities.

Most frequently searched routes to Fujairah

Route Name Distance Time
Dubai to Fujairah 121 kms 1 hour 20 minutes

How to reach Fujairah by flight

Fujairah is home to the Fujairah International Airport that caters to limited low-cost airlines to and from the city. If a direct flight from your country to Fujairah is not available then there is an alternative option. You can always book your flight to either Abu Dhabi International Airport or the Dubai International Airport. These airports are further connected to Fujairah through cheap flights.

How to reach Fujairah by road

One can also travel to Fujairah through car or taxi and once again. Taxis can be hired from Old Plaza Cinema in Fujairah, which can take you to Dubai or Sharjah. There is also an option of shared taxi (from Deira Taxi Stand) that begins journey as soon as the taxi is full. An individual taxi costs around AED 170 but it also depends upon where one wants to go in Dubai. However, the metered taxis may charge double from Dubai to Fujairah.

How to reach Fujairah by bus

If you are planning to travel to Fujairah through road, then bus is a good option. There are buses that run regularly between Dubai and Fujairah covering the journey in about two hours. It costs around AED 25 one way and tickets are to be bought from ticket window before boarding the bus. The journey is quite easy with a proper arrangement for families and women. Buses board starts from Union Square in Dubai and Old Plaza Cinema in Fujairah (passengers need to buy their tickets and re-board while leaving either of the town).

Local transport in Fujairah

Commuting around Fujairah is quite easy with readily available taxi at affordable price almost anywhere in the city. One will find the shining metered Nissan Altimas and Toyota Camrys as taxi with fare starting from AED 3 during daytime and AED 3.5 at night. One can also take a bus available from the Fujairah bus station connecting almost entire city. The interstate Emirate buses also ply to Dubai. However, the city of Fujairah is not well designed for pedestrians, so beware while walking along the roads.

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