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Snoopy Island, Fujairah Overview

Snoopy Island has become a coveted spot for various watersports, activities and music festivals. Snoopy island gets its name from the interestingly shaped rock that looks like the cartoon character Snoopy lying on its back. The popular water activities here are snorkelling and diving. The area is surrounded by beautiful reefs teeming with shoals of marine life where you can occasionally spot turtles and small sharks. The island also provides advanced classes on diving under its PADI regulated four-day course. Apart from water activities, one can stay at one of Sandy Beach Resort's many beautiful villas by the beach or set up a tent and barbeque. 


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Camping at Snoopy Island

Known to be one of the most beautiful beach camping spots in and around Fujairah, this experience is a must0try when in the UAE. The experience doesn't limit just camping on the shore, but campers can also engage in exciting activities like snorkelling and scuba diving through the beautiful reefs near the island. 

Campsite: Fujairah Beach Camping and Al Aqah Beach
Cost: AED 200 - AED 250
  • There are rarely any packages available for camping here, but you can buy your own equipment or even rent it from the shops at Fujairah Beach.
  • You can rent tents, barbecue grills, firewood, and even take a kayak to take you to Snopy Island.
  • There are toilet and bathroom facilities near the beach for campers as well.  

Snorkelling At Snoopy Island

Snorkeling in Snoopy Island
Snorkelling in Snoopy Island (Source)

Snorkelling is a water sport that requires no special inherent knowledge. An amateur swimmer could have a great time snorkelling around the corals and reefs of Snoopy island. Ride down past the resort to the beach, hire a kayak if you can find one or swim the distance to Snoopy Island with your rented snorkelling gear.

Price: AED 150 -200 per person.
Entry Price: AED 100 (to enter Sandy Beach for a day)
Snorkelling Gear Rentals: AED 60/Day

Diving & Scuba Diving at Snoopy Island

Operator: Sandy Beach Dive Centre
Diving Prices:
Double Tank Dive - Full Kit: 415 AED
Double Tank Dive - Tanks & Weights: 350 AED
Double Tank Dive - Boat Trip only: 300 AED
10 Dive Package - Full Kit: 1775 AED
10 Dive Package - Tanks & Weights: 1450 AED
Shore Dive - Full Kit: 215 AED
Shore Dive - Tanks & Weights: 165 AED
Shore Dive - Beach Access only: 105 AED
Night Dive - Full Kit: 315 AED
Night Dive - Tanks & Weights: 250 AED
Nitrox Tank: 40 AED

How To Reach Snoopy Island

By Car/Taxi:
The island is located in Aqah, Fujairah 180 km away from Dubai and would take a two-hour-long to drive from Dubai. You can either rent a car or hire a taxi that will cost roughly AED 300.

Cabs generally cost from AED 15 - 30 while moving within Fujairah.

By Bus:
There are also plenty of public transport buses that ply from Deira bus station to Fujairah which will cost roughly AED 25.

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