How To Reach Musandam

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How to Reach Musandam

It is a common practice to visit the Musandam peninsula as a weekend trip from either Muscat or Oman. However, the mode of transport chosen depends on the place of origin. It is highly recommended that you experience a unique travel adventure hosted by Oman Air Holidays, that consists of a flight to Khasab, flying over stunning mountains and a high-speed ferry ride back passing through the 'Khors'. This is likely to cost you around OR139 per person and includes a stay in one of the top-notch resorts in Khasab.

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How to reach Musandam by flight

Oman Air is the only operator that offers flights between Khasab and Muscat. The journey takes about 1.25 Hours and the flights within Khasab depart and arrive to and from the military base, which is highly protected.

How to reach Musandam by road

It is ill-advised to travel to Khasab in Musandam by a car as the drive from Muscat involves getting insurance permits for two countries and is punctuated by at least 8 entry checkpoints! However, if you wish to drive down from Dubai, the process is slightly simpler. You can enter the region only through Al Darah/ Tibat. Please note that non GCC residents are not allowed to pass through Wadi Bih. You can rent a car in Muscat or Dubai and drive through the mountains. 4-Wheel-Drive SUVs are highly recommended for this journey.

How to reach Musandam by Waterways

There is a Ferry that leaves from Muscat to arrive at Khasab every Thursday and departs from the same on Saturday. This journey can take you through the busiest shipping lane in the world and is considered to be the fastest catamaran ride in the world. This service is operated by National Ferries Company and costs around OR23-25.

Local transport in Musandam

While there aren't many public transport options available in the Musandam Peninsular region, most of the places to visit can be accessed using a self-driven car, provided you have a valid driver's permit. To visit places such as Jebel Harim, it's best to hire or have a 4 Wheel Drive car as the roads are quite treacherous and risky to traverse otherwise. Moreover, a Dhow trip around the 'khors' (inlets) of Musandam is also worth taking. If you wish to travel to the remote villages within these inlets of water, a special permit is essential and can be obtained by the tour company you book with.

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Musandam -  Governorate  of Oman
Jebel Harim - Highest Peak in Musandam
Khasab Fort - Stone Fort Built in the 17th Century

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