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Country rank: 5 out of 9 Places To Visit In Oman

Sub-Region: Middle East


Ideal duration: 1 day

Best time: November - March (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Al Khasab, (Check Flights)


"The Majestic Mountains of Jebel Harim"

Khasab Tourism

Known as the Mountain of Women, the beautiful Jebel Harim is unlike any other mountain range you've seen before!

At 2,087 meters, Jebel Harim is the highest peak in Musandam, offering breathtaking views of the glorious valley. The rocks on the mountains are studded with well-preserved fossils, showing signs of life from creatures like molluscs, fish, clams and a collection of trilobites. The summit of the mountain is off limits to the public as there is a radar station situated on the peak, watching the shipping action on the Straights of Hormuz. However, there are sensational views when you look in all directions from the mountain. It is a beautiful drive with paved roads all around the mountain. On your way down, you'll see a stunning fossil wall, which is made out of a sea bed rock. It's covered in a layer of fossilised impressions with outlines of starfish and other sea animals.


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All major cards such as MasterCard are accepted. No other currency apart from Omani currency are accepted.

There are many options to exchange currency at Khasab. It is best to exchange currency at Oman UAE Exchanges which can be found in the city centre. Alternatively, you could also exchange money from the Oman UAE Exchange at the airports.

At Khasab you will probably spend up to OMR 400- OMR 600 per day.

The people of Khasab actively practice the Islam religion. You will hear a prayer from loudspeakers of mosques several times through the day calling all Muslims to pray. Most women in the region wear hijabs and abayas. Men also wear the traditional dishdasha, which a white floor length gown with long sleeves.

In Khasab, it is respectful to dress conservatively. Therefore, it is advisable to cover your shoulders and knees. It is uncommon to tip in Oman, but rounding up to the next rial is accepted.

The main language they speak in Oman is Arabic. In Arabic, for "hello" you could say "Marhaban" or "Ahlan" and "thank you" is "Shukraan". If you want to know if someone speaks English, you can ask " Hal tatakallam al-ingliziya?" and if you want to say that you don't speak Arabic, you can say "Laa atakallam al-'arabiya".

Jebel Harim is located in the city of Khasab in the Musandam Peninsula. It is located on the border of Oman and therefore is very close to the bordering countries of Iran and the UAE. Due to its location, it was isolated from the rest of Oman for a very long time. The Jebel Harim is named "Mountain of Women" from the days when many local women would hide out in the caves of the mountain so they wouldn't be taken away by pirates and other rival tribes while their husbands were away.

There are no clubs or pubs in Khasab. There is, however, a bar called the Darts Bar. This is the only place in the area where you can get a drink. It's located on the first floor of the Atana Khasab hotel. You can get a variety of drinks here, but the choices for wine and beer are quite limited.

The most common souvenirs you can buy in Khasab are tea sets, jewellery, saucers, pitchers and Omani dresses. Khasab also has many shopping centres where you can find local fashion stores. You won't find a lot of western clothing in Khasab.

The food at Khasab, much like throughout Oman offers a very delicious blend of both Arabian and Indian influences. Almost all restaurants and cafes around Khasab sell shwarmas and biryanies. A very popular snack in Oman is dates, which are traditionally served with Kahwa (very bitter coffee). Dates are a staple food in Oman as they are found almost everwehere across the country. The local food choices are Harees (wheat mixed with meat), Kebabs and Machboos (rice with saffron and spicy meat). There are many restaurants you can go to for eating local food. Some popular ones are Wadi Qada restaurant, Al Mawra Restaurant and Telegraph Island Restauarant.

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How to Reach Khasab

From Muscat, there are various ways to get to Khasab. However, Dubai is approximately 2.5 hours by road from Khasab (197 km).  (Read More)

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