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Shreyas Kapoor

3 years ago
- The place is not very crowded, but like any small town, the transportation is still being developed.
- The place experiences extreme weathers. So if you plan to go in winters, keep plenty of war (Read More)m clothes

Soumita Ghosh

3 years ago
Durgapur Durgapur is a town that is developing every single day. It may be small, but since it is divided into several colonies, the path may seem confusing. Make sure to carry a map with you, digita (Read More)l or on paper. There is no dearth of places of stay as hotels, lodges, motels, guest houses, and inns are widely available. However, Durgapur is not necessarily a place for vacation. It may be considered as a place to rest for a day or two before you reach your destination. Totos and taxis are the primary modes of transportation here. If you are planning to go during the summer, be prepared to experience dry heat. Make sure to carry enough water with you.

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