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Deul Park, Durgapur Overview

Deul Park is a charming little hamlet like area in the suburbs of Durgapur by the river Ajay. Being a tributary of the Ganges, the creek is well fed and quite as beautiful as its mother stream. Perched subtly along its side is the village turned resort Deul Park. Formerly a lightly wooded forest area rich with the legacies and legends of Ichai Ghosh, it is now a popular tourist spot thanks to the Eco Resort. Tourists can now come here without worrying about lodging or food or security and enjoy the serenity of the place in peace.

Deul is as rich in nature as it is in historical significance. Though the stories of these parts of Bengal are not widely known, they are quite as interesting. Instead of staying locked up in the resort room, take a walk outside, enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the river bank and have a chat with the locals to learn about the common folklore and other native cultures. The beauty of such places always lies in the simplicity, quaintness and rusticity, and Deul Park is no different from the rest.

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Things To Do at Deul Park

Located by the banks of Ajay, Deul in itself is a natural splendour for the tourists. You can simply take a stroll down the green embankments of the river, enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere and soak in the breezy ambience typical to such riversides. On some days when the sky is clear, the sunsets here are absolutely stunning.

Deul is known for the Forest of Garh. Basically, once you leave the main road and take the turn towards the village roads, it is a forested area. There is a temple constructed after him in the Forest of Garh, right where he was defeated by Lausen which oddly has no statue or deity but it still stands after so many years, though kind of dilapidated. It is said to be around 600-700 years old. It is a beautiful piece of Bengal architecture of the old ages and deserves a visit just for its antiquity and tranquil location.

In the Deul Park Eco Resort in itself is the ideal place to relax. If you have children with you, they can enjoy the fun rides in the resort, while you relax the afternoon away in the lawns along the bank of Ajay. The lawn garden is peaceful and has beautiful seasonal blossoms to make the best ambience for you to have a great holiday. Sometimes, you can spot folk singers singing the Bengali folk Baul song as well.

History of Deul Park

The Deul Park resort might be a recent construction, but the history of the Deul region can be traced way back to the 1500s. Gopraj Ishwar Ghosh, or as he is locally known - Ichai Ghosh, was the father figure and protector of this region during that time. He ruled over this land for some good many years after defeating Karnsen - the king of Senbhum and taking over his capital which was then called Trisasthi Garh. Even though he was later killed by Lausen, son of Karnsen, he remains to be the most popular name around.

Best Time To Visit Deul Park

Since Ajay is a perennial river, there are no seasonal changes. So, you can easily visit throughout the year. However, try to avoid monsoon as the river banks are not the place where you want to be if it overpours. Also, you will not be able to spend a lot of time.

Stay Near Deul Park

Deul has been made into a tourist spot mainly after the Deul Park Eco Resort was established. It allows the visitors to make an overnight trip to here. It also offers a well-maintained picnic spot for those interested; so that they can choose this instead of outside where there is lack of public utilities as well as causes pollution. Deul Park Resort has cosy and comfortable AC and Non AC cottages and rooms at reasonable rates.

Tips For Visiting Deul Park

1. Deul Park has one of the largest collection of rose in the area. However, they can only be seen during the blooming season.
2. Deul Eco Resort serves authentic Bengali cuisine on prior notice. If you wish to try the delectable Bengali food, do inform the resort beforehand.

How To Reach Deul Park

Deul Park is located in a very secluded area. The nearest named place is called Choddo Mile which is 9 km from away. There are express and state buses going to and fro via the main road here. Otherwise there are no vehicles in the area itself.

To come from Kolkata, you need to take a Durgapur bound express bus and get off at Darjeeling Stop in Panagarh from where you will get buses for Choddo Mile.

Make prior arrangements for travelling to and from the park as it is well out of reach of public transport.

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