Dharan Restaurants

Food of Dharan

Dharan is known for its Dal Bhat (steamed rice in a lentil soup), Pork Sekuwa, Pork Dameko, Barbecued Pork, Sargemba and Aalu Nimki. These delicacies are best served at Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner at Bagarkot. Momos, Chowmein and Wai-Wai are very popular dishes found in Dharan.

Top places to eat in Dharan are:
  • Susant?s Home
  • Prazwal Sekuwa Corner
  • VRC Momo
  • Olive Cafe

Dharan Photos

Dharan - Sub-metropolitan City in Sunsari, Nepal
Budha Subba Temple - Famous Shrine on Seuti river bank
Dharan Clock Tower - Significant Landmark in Dharan

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