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Rice is the main component of the numerous meals cooked in Bhutan. Here you would find rice being served along with two or one type of side meals, including meat as well as vegetables. Some of the common vegetable eaten or consumed in Paro are tomato, spinach, pumpkin etc. There are a number of Bhutanese dishes such as Ema Datshi, Phaksha Paa and everyone's favourite Dimsum or Momos which you should definitely try.

Food for Indians in Punakha

Although you wouldnęt find too many restaurants over here, but those which are present are truly worth a try. In case you want to taste some pure Bhutanese dishes then Chimi Lakhang Cafeteria and Taktsang Cafeteria might seem like a good option. However in case you are looking for some Indian food then Lobessa Village Restaurant as well as Meri Phuensum Resort offer some tasty Indian dishes.

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