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Budha Subba Temple , Dharan Overview

The Budha Subba Temple is a famous religious shrine, mostly for the Eastern Nepalese. The establishment has many folk tales surrounding it, along with many superstitious beliefs. It is best known for being a peaceful location where people can wish for happiness and luck.

Young couples in the region believe that tying a colourful string around their trunks and engraving their names on the trees would bring them happiness and long life together. The temple complex also has a couple of souvenir shops. The Buddha Subba Temple has a small car parking facility at the main entrance of the temple complex.

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History of Buddha Subba Temple

The Budha Subba Temple is the tomb of Buddhi Karna Raya Rai, the last Limbu King of Morang; a Nepali district. Buddhi Karna Raya Rai was assassinated by the people working under King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who was at the time the king of Nepal. Shah tricked Buddhi Karna Raya Rai into coming to Bijaypur-Dharan, which was the capital of Morang and the politico-economic centre of East Nepal, under the guise of a negotiation. The folklore surrounding the location says that his spirit still wanders around the tomb and is said to be a friendly and helpful spirit. The Limbu folk even worshipped his soul as it was believed to bring good luck.

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