Things to do in Coorg


Top things to do in Coorg

Coorg is known for its surreal beauty, beautiful gardens and majestic peaks. There are a number of things to do in Coorg both for the city dwellers and the tourists. From trekking to the vantage points, to visiting the Buddhist Monasteries and soaking in the waterfalls, Coorg has got it all. Among the top things to do in Coorg, you can trek the hills, shop in the city, visit the lakes and relax by the waterfalls etc. You can also go birdwatching, take a tour of the Buddhist Monasteries or visit the mesmerizing lakes. Have a look at the plethora of things to do in Coorg given below.

Here is the list of 31 Things to do in Coorg

1. Revel in the Beauty of Abbey Falls

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Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is located around 10 kilometres away from the town of Madikeri and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in and around Coorg. The water cascade coming down from the cliff from a height of 70 feet provides a spectacular scene to behold. Nestled within the lush greenery which is typical to the sceneries of Western Ghats, the waterfalls attract hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year - especially nature lovers and photographers. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines.

2. Walk Up to the Vantage Point of Mandalpatti

Overlooking the grassy knolls of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats, Mandalpatti is a spectacular and unique vantage point in Coorg, Karnataka. Huddled at an altitude of 1800 m, this place mesmerises all those who visit it. Also known by the name of ?Muguli-Peth? (translated in English as the market of clouds), the place's relentless tranquility and inexhaustible wonder will soothe you and make you want to visit over and over. There's nothing quite like perching atop this mountain as you watch birds hovering over distant hills. The spot is especially famous for the view it offers at sunrise and sunset, when the distinct red and pink hue of the sun rays filters through numerous clouds, making the sight unearthly yet beautiful.

3. Witness Buddhist Culture at Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

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Namdroling Monastery, situated at a distance of 60 km from the Kaveri Nisargadhama, is the largest teaching centre of the school of Tibetan Buddhism known as Nyingmapa. Thegchog Namdrol Shedrub Daryeling is the full name of the Namdroling Monastery. It is spread over an area of 80 square feet and was built from Bamboo which was donated by the Indian Government to the Tibetans in exile. Today, it houses many auxiliary structures like educational institutions and a hospital, in addition to being home to about 5,000 members of the Sangha community.

4. Get an Elephant Ride at Dubare Elephant Camp

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Once a training site for elephants of the famous Dasara procession in Mysore, the Dubare Elephant camp offers a unique adventure to visitors by allowing them the experience of living in coexistence with the trained elephants on-site. Once an important camp of the Karnataka Forest Department, the Dubare Elephant Camp, now run by private players, is an ideal destination to learn about the various aspects of the history, ecology, and biology of elephants, as well as see a large number of Asiatic elephants stroll through peacefully as they enjoy their natural habitat. This is one of the unique things to do in Coorg and you should definitely experience this one.

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5. Rejuvenate at the Beautiful Raja's Seat Garden

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Raja's Seat, a garden with beautiful flowering plants and skilfully designed artificial fountains, is located in Madikeri in the district of Coorg. The garden was a favorite venue to rejuvenate for the Kings of Kodagu. Even today, the breathtaking view of the Sun setting into the undulated mountains is mesmerizing. The delightful garden here is adorned with a multitude of flowers and is a treat to nature lovers, and the proximity of the location also makes it a preferred picnic spot for the locals. Visiting Raja's Seat is an excellent way to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of royal indulgence and is one of the best things to do in Coorg.

6. White River Rafting in Barapole River

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Barapole river is a famous white river rafting destination in Coorg. The white frothy river with speedy waters and rapids, flowing through beautiful landscapes, makes for an ideal river rafting experience. White water rafting is organized in Upper Barapole are called Kithu-Kakkatu River which is a strong catchment area for the monsoons, thus providing a some of the most challenging stretch of rapids. This is one of the most unique things to do in Coorg and you should definitely experience it.

7. Savour the Delectable Pandi Curry

When in the hill town, you have to taste the delectable local food cuisine. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Coorg. It is predominantly non vegetarian and is made out of local flavours, spices and dried herbs. Some of the best dishes include Pandi curry, pork curry etc. There are also vegetarian options like akki rotti, nool puttu, koovaleputtu etc. One other thing that you should definitely try is coffee or filter kaapi as they call it.

8. Camp Under the Stars at Tadiandamol Peak

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Tadiandamol is the highest mountain peak in Coorg, at an elevation of 1748m. Most tourists interested in trekking are drawn to this place as the journey is difficult, but the view from the top, unparalleled. While being the second highest peak in all of Karnataka, Tadiandamol trek is also a very good option for nature lovers who desire scenic surroundings and are beginners in the trekking scene. If in town, make sure you put this thrilling activity under your topmost things to do in Coorg.

9. Take a Dip Under the Iruppu Falls

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A picturesque waterfalls cascading along the Brahmagiri Mountain Range, Iruppu falls is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Coorg district of South Karnataka and is among the top things to do in Coorg. Nestled amidst the evergreen woods of the Western Ghats, Coorg boasts of many misty waterfalls. Among them Iruppu is the most popular, not just for its mesmerizing beauty and greenery, but also because of its religious importance. People come here to enjoy the blissful vicinity of nature, the grandeur of the falls and for seeking spiritual peace in the tranquillity of the place.

10. Take a Safari through Nagarhole National Park

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With its diversity of flora and fauna, the Nagarhole National Park is one of the best known wildlife reserves in India. It houses not just multiple species of plants and shrubbery but also mammals, reptiles, crawlers and rare birds. This is one of the most exhilarating experiences and you should definitely put it under your list of essential things to do in Coorg.

11. Splurge on Spice Shopping

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Coorg is well known for its traditional spices, Kodagu jewels and the made-in-Coorg honey. Besides, it has spices, dried fruits, fresh fruits and a lot of other things you can shop. You can also buy Coorg coffee, straight from the coffee plantations. In addition to that, you can also try out the local markets for traditional apparels and accessories. Make it a point to put shopping under your list of things to do in Coorg as it is going to be one of your best experiences.

12. Climb up to the Surreal Talacauvery

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Talacauvery is the source of the river Kaveri, located on the Brahmagiri hill (not to be confused with the Brahmagiri range further south) near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka. It is located at 1,276 m. above sea level. The spot has a temple dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma (Mother Kaveri) which is surrounded by even more breathtaking hills. The undulating hills and lush green meadows are very picturesque. One can climb the 407 steps to the top of the hill, towards the clouds and breath in the pure and serene air of the natural surrounding. Visiting the hill temple and even more gorgeous hill valley is considered one of the topmost things to do in Coorg.

13. Go Trekking in the Verdant Green Woods and Valleys

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You could go for a professionally arranged trek or if you just want to wander in the greens on your own, that too would be an equally enjoyable experience. There are quite a few trekking trails and treks organized with overnight stays at nearby villages. This is one of the most sought after activities and among the top thrilling activities to do in Coorg.

14. Take a Walk in Madikeri Fort

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The Madikeri Fort is a famous historical landmark that is located in Coorg in Karnataka in the southern part of India. Situated in the centre of the town of Madikeri, the majestic fort continues to stand in all its glory till date. It offers tourists with insights and information about the bygone era and indeed bears testimony to the history of Coorg and all that the town witnessed. The Fort tour is among the most popular things to do in Coorg among both the tourists and localites.

15. Trek Your Way to Honey Valley - Nilakandi Falls

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Another beautiful waterfalls in Coorg is Nilakandi Falls and taking a short trip here is among the most exciting things to do in Coorg. The Nilakandi Falls are located the midst of the dense tropical forests of Coorg and trace their source somewhere in the Thadiyendamol range. It is a picturesque and serene waterfall that lends trekkers a wonderful waterfall shower experience. You can reach the place through a short trek.

16. Experience the Beauty of Somwarpet

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Somwarpete is considered the main town of Somwarpete Taluka, which is located in the north-east part of Coorg district. This town has some beautiful attractions in its vicinity. There are various crops grown here, but the major ones include coffee and spice crops such as peppers, ginger and cardamom. Visiting the twee town should definitely be there on your bucket list of top things to do in Coorg as it is going to be a very memorable experience and will keep calling you for more.

17. Treat Yourself with Ayurvedic Treatments

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You get a whole range of rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage and spa packages in Coorg. Ayurjeevan is one of the most famous Ayurvedic therapy center. This is the best way to treat yourself and relax, and when in the hill town, make sure you put this activity under your top things to do in Coorg.

18. Trek to Brahmagiri

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Taking individuals deep inside the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, the Brahmagiri trek is a delight with its myriad offerings. The route traverses lush forests, green grasslands and countless small streams and rivers. The peak of the hill is well-forested and is rich in wildlife. The primary attractions around this trek are the Iruppu Falls, the Thirunnelai Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Pakshipathalam which has a cave that is legendary for being a haven for ?rishis? primeval times.

19. Hike and Camp at Kopatty Hills

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Kopatty Hills is one of the lesser known trekking destinations in India. It is the myriad landscapes that such a short trail offers lends the trek its appeal. Believed to be one of the most picturesque spots, this is one of the most thrilling things to do in Coorg. Located in Coorg district it is a haven for those seeking an off-beat experience. It is a relatively simple route that traverses vast expanses of coffee plantations, rolling grasslands, peaceful streams and dense forests.

20. Go Angling (Fishing) at River Cauvery

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River Cauvery has lots of fishing camps located on the banks. Valnur, a village near Coorg, is famous for its fishing camps. Although, you will have to be a little careful about the rules and restrictions on fishing in this area. Firstly, you need a license to fish which can be issued at Coorg Wildlife Society's office in Madikeri. Also, fishing at Valnur has to follow 'Catch and release' principle - the fishes you catch need to be released back into the water. This is a part of conservation drive in the region. You should definitely put this very amazing activity under your top things to do in Coorg.

21. Bird Watching

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Coffee and spice plantations and lush greens are home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna. The vegetation is ideal for native, rare, endangered - all sorts of birds. Although, you will have to be a little careful about the rules and restrictions on fishing in this area. Firstly, you need a license to fish which can be issued at Coorg Wildlife Society's office in Madikeri. Also, fishing at Valnur has to follow 'Catch and release' principle - the fishes you catch need to be released back into the water. This is a part of conservation drive in the region. This is one of the most unique things to do in Coorg.

22. Boating at Honnamana Kere Lake

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The biggest lake in Coorg, this one has spiritual as well as historical significance. Named after Goddess Honnamana, adjacent to this lake is a temple dedicated to the goddess. The lake is surrounded by hills, coffee plantations and man made caves. Boating in this lake is one of the best things to do in Coorg.

23. Seek Blessings at the Beautiful Omkareshwara Temple

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Depicting both Islamic and Gothic architecture, Omkareshwara temple was built in 1820 by Lingarajendra as a dedication to Lord Shiva. A water tank in this temple houses many fresh water fish and adds to the beauty of this temple.

24. Natural Retreat at Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

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A part of the Western Ghats, this sanctuary is named after its highest peak, Brahmagiri peak. Rare species of mammals, reptiles and birds can be spotted here.

25. Wildlife Safari at Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Pushpagiri is one of the 21 wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka and home to many rare and endangered species of birds. The Kumara Parvat peak lies here. This National Park is also a proposed World Heritage site. Touring the Sanctuary should definitely be on your list of things to do in Coorg.

26. Take a Tour of Bhagamandala

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Bhagamandala is situated in the scenic foothills of Talacauvery, at a distance of only 39 kms from Madikeri. Talacauvery is the source and origin of the River Kaveri, which is often referred to as 'Dakshin Ganga' which means 'Ganga of the South' and is one of the seven sacred rivers of the country. A bath in the holy waters of the Bhagamandala is not only extremely sacred but also a very spiritually uplifting and cleansing experience. Immersing in the pure and thoroughly enchanting waters of the holy Triveni Sangam has an infinitely positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

27. Stay-in at the Homestays

Honestays and holiday homes are popular stay options when in Coorg. Huge coffee plantation estates and spice plantation areas have cottages and bungalows which can be rented by the vacationers. In addition to the surreal landscape and peaceful environments, these places offer home like comfort and you can relish homecooked meals. These places are preferred to conventional hotels and stay experiences here are one of the best things to do in Coorg.

28. Visit the Stunning Mallalli Falls

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Mallalli Falls, the stunning milky white waterfalls, lies in the northern region of Kodagu district in the south-western Indian State of Karnataka. These falls lie 26 kilometres away from the town of Somwarpet, at the foot of the Pushpagiri Hills. The falls originate where River Kumaradhara takes a deep plunge of over 1000 metres and then follow a natural route that ends into the Arabian Sea. These gorgeous waterfalls are sure to take your breath away. The heavenly scenery with lush green forests and the clear white waters of River Kumaradhara falling deep from the point of origin of the waterfall is a marvellous sight never to be missed.

29. Take a Walk by the Plantation Estates

A walk through the beautiful plantation estates is one of the most wonderful things to do in Coorg. The region is popular for several coffee, tea and spice plantations. It has acres and acres of green meadows where you can stroll and even help pick coffee and spices if the time is right. Besides mingling with the local culture, you will be astounded by the sheer beauty of the fields.

30. Visit the Gaddige Raja's Tomb

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Built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, this beautiful structure of Gaddige Raja's tomb is the mortal remains of the Kodavad Royalty. These tombs date back to 1820. A little historical retreat at the tombs is among the top things to do in Coorg among both the localites and tourists.

31. Take a Trip to the Hill Town of Kutta

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Replete with misty mountains, undulating rivers and cascading waterfalls, Kutta is a great tourist attraction with its beautiful flora and fauna. It is a truly memorable experience to visit this small town and its stretches of plantations of coffee, betel nuts and various spices. This is one of the offbeat things to do in Coorg but nevertheless, the experience is definitely going to be surreal and out of the world.

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