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"Town of Toys"

Channapatna Tourism

Located between Mysore and Bengaluru, Channapatna is a town famous for its small wooden toys industry. These famous toys were sold since the times of Tipu Sultan. There are also temples and historical monuments that are a significant attraction in the city.

The town has been following the artistry of wooden toymaking for over 200 years now and has become the city's major attractions. Pen stands, horses, puzzles, games and dolls are some of the wooden works which are popularly made. The city also has beautiful reservoirs and sanctuaries that are some exciting places to visit. Adding to the charm, the climate at Channapatna is pleasant and cool throughout the year. This makes a popular day trip from Bangalore and Mysore all year round. 

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Places to Visit

1. Kunnirkatte Lake Park
The small park is built alongside a lake which is located at a distance of 6.6 kilometres from the centre of the city. The spot is well visible from the highway and is an excellent recreational spot. One can go for a short walk along the lake and enjoy the natural breeze.

2. Neelakanteshwar Temple

The temple is located at a distance of 1.2 kilometres from the heart of the city. The main deity is Lord Shiva and is also the oldest temple dedicated to the lord.

3. Sri Rama Aprameya Swamy Temple
The temple is located in Mysore Road, at a distance of 3.5 kilometres from central Channapatna. The beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The idol of Sri Krishna eating butter is a lovely sight to cherish.

Food and Restaurants

There are several excellent cuisines spread across the city. Taj Hotel, Five Star Chicken Restaurant and Sahara Hotel are some savouring options to try a combination of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They have classic South Indian food varieties and also a taste of North Indian dishes. Cafe Coffee Day and the local chaat shops are perfect stops to grab a quick snack and soothe the hunger pangs with some fast foods.

Channapatna Culture

Most people in the city are businessmen engaged in the small-scale craft business. The people are amiable and often recite historical stories about the woodworks, business and popularity. People in the city speak Kannada and are kind and helpful.

Town of Toys

The wooden toys that mark as the major attraction in the city are sold on roadside shops where artisans design and colour them in vegetable dyes.

Making the Art Piece

Once the wood is procured and seasoned, they cut the wood into the desired shape and size.

Once the perfect shape is obtained, it is painted with vegetable dyes and is then polished to give it a glossy appearance.

Fun Facts:  The USA in Channapatna

Multinational companies like Microsoft also purchase some mathematical toys designed by them. In 2010, during President Obama's first visit to the country, First Lady Michelle Obama purchased these beautiful toys at Channapatna.

Popular Stores in Town

Channapatna Toys, Barath Arts and Crafts and Manjunatha Traders are some popular shops in the city which sell these wooden toys. They have a variety of crafts such as wall hangings, pencil holders, children's toys, puzzles, and so on. According to a survey taken over a decade ago, around 6,000 people of the city work on this business.

History of Channapatna

The history of the town of toys and the artistry is very engaging. The creation of these toys traces back to the Tipu Sultan's era, when he invited Persians artist to teach this beautiful art to the kingdom localities.
The Father of the Toys
Bavas Miyan, the father of these toys, was a significant person who taught the knicks and knacks of the artwork by adopting the Japanese technique of toy-making. However, the business dropped after a few decades. Thanks to the Karnataka Government who came to rescue. The Government helped in expanding the company, which later became a big hit all over the country.

Traveller Tips

  • As there aren't many comfortable places to stay within the city, it is recommended that accommodation arrangements are made either in Mysore or Bangalore.
  • It is also recommended that transport facilities are taken care of as travelling within the city can be a challenge.
  • Also, carrying extra hard cash is always a helpful option, as there aren't much ATMs around the city.

Best Time to Visit Channapatna

How to Reach Channapatna

How to Reach Overview

Channapatna is only accessible by road and rail. There are regular buses going from Mysore and Bangalore to here. They have a railway station that connects to all the major cities in Karnataka. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport that is 90 km away. 

How to reach Channapatna by flight

The closest airport is in Bengaluru at a distance of 90 kilometers. Also, there is another airport in Mysore which 73 kilometers from Channapatna.

How to reach Channapatna by train

Channapatna Railway Station is about 1.2 kilometers from the centre of the city. Many trains are from different states and cities are available which connect with Channapatna.

How to reach Channapatna by bus

Located between the Bangalore - Mysore Highway, it is at a distance of 90 kilometres from Mysore and 60 kilometres from Bangalore. KSRTC buses are available from nearby cities to reach the destination.

Local transport in Channapatna

Autos, taxis and buses are available for commute within the city. However, they are not very frequent and don't connect most places in the city. Hired vehicles are the ideal option to travel in the town. It is not just comfortable but also saves time. There are several rental services in the city. The most popular and standard one of all are the rental cars from Savaari. Online bookings are available, which makes it easier for the travellers to arrange for the commute beforehand.

Channapatna Photos

Wooden Toys Manufacturing Tools at Channapatna
Beautiful Channapatna City is also Nicknamed as Gombegala Nagara
Wooden Toy Factory at Channapatna

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FAQs on Channapatna

What is famous about Channapatna?

The handmade toys made of ivory-wood, coconut, rubber and teak are the most popular attraction in the city. The woodcrafts are designed to perfection and have an excellent finishing. There are also lacquerware which are sold in the town.

What is not so good about Channapatna?

There are not much sightseeing places to visit in the city. Also, it is not an ideal place for children as there aren't any fun-filled and exciting places that kids would enjoy.

Who should visit Channapatna?

People who have a broad interest in arts and crafts can visit this place to get a great deal of exposure to most handmade woodworks. Also, it is an ideal place for people who are spiritually inclined as there are several holy places of significance to visit within the city.

What is the best time to visit Channapatna?

The best time to visit Channapatna is between July and September when the climate remains pleasant. The weather remains cloudy and apt enough for travel as there is not much rain during this span. Summers in Channapatna is not too humid. The climate is quite warm but can turn a little uncomfortable during noon. Rainfall can be witnessed at the end of May and June also when the summer rains slash the city. During winters, the climate is slightly cold, and there is an ample amount of rainfall during November and December.
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What is the best way to reach Channapatna?

Channapatna is only accessible by road and rail. There are regular buses going from Mysore and Bangalore to here. They have a railway station that connects to all the major cities in Karnataka. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport that is 90 km away. 
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What are the places near Channapatna?

The top places near to Channapatna are Bangalore which is 54 km from Channapatna, Mysore which is located 73 km from Channapatna, Ooty which is located 149 km from Channapatna, Coorg which is located 161 km from Channapatna, Bheemeshwari which is located 39 km from Channapatna

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