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Lepakshi Tourism

Lepakshi is a small quaint village with a trail of several great kingdoms that once ruled the area. Lepakshi was founded in 1535 AD by Maharaja Aliya Rama Raya of the Vijayanagara empire. Located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh and 120 km from Bangalore,  this place is a trove of several fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful ancient temples and rich culture.

Lepakshi is also renowned for showcasing the Vijayanagara style of architecture in its temples holding a reflection of its past relics. Each structure narrating a story of its own, this enchanting village also derives its name from Sanskrit language meaning 'rise o bird' and has folklore attached to it. Apart from richly carved temples, the most striking feature of this village is a largest monolithic idol of Nandi in the entire subcontinent made of granite. Each aspect of the place oozes charm and has a rustic feel to it that can be clearly seen through its intriguing cultural heritage and touches of local tribe customs. A magnificent example of timeless art and architecture, the temples of Lepakshi celebrate the might of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra. 

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Jatayu, in order to prevent the abduction of Sita, was mortally injured by Ravana and fell here. Legend has it that this town was named after Lord Rama paid his visit to a dying Jatayu, and helped him attain Moksha by uttering the words 'Le Pakshi', which translated to 'rise, bird' in Telugu. Hence the name 'Lepakshi'.

The most awe-striking feature of Lepakshi’s architectural marvels is the renowned Hanging Pillar of Veerabhadra Temple. Out of the 70 pillars built in the Vijaynagar style of architecture in the stone temple in 1583 AD, by brothers Virupanna and Veeranna, this particular pillar stands as an exceptionally magnificent piece of architecture. The 20 feet long granite pillar, with intricate beautiful carvings, does not rest on the ground; it completely hangs in the air. The space between its base and ground effortlessly allows a sheet of paper or small twig through it. The pillar was dislodged from its original position- thanks to an unsuccessful attempt by a British engineer who tried to discover the secret of its support. The Archeological Survey of India has proved that the construction of this pillar was not a mistake, but an intentional, well-planned execution which till date signifies the brilliance of builders and architects at that time.

The state of Andhra Pradesh has a distinction for being home to a unique and typical style of handloom products. Dharmavaram is a small town located at around 47 km from Anantapur and is a famous hub of distinctive silk weaving and rich handloom weaving. The classical, elegant and magnificently designed silk sarees have gained worldwide popularity. These sarees are traditional, heavy and broad bordered with rich buta have entailed and robbed the hearts of millions of women around the globe. Another speciality of AP are Uppada sarees and dress materials, weaved in the Uppada town. The Uppada Jamdani is a popular variety of lightweight silk sarees. The word ‘Jamdani’ is, in fact, a Persian word, where ‘Jam’ means ‘flower’ and Dani means ‘vase’. These sarees take 10-60 days time, with the effort of 2-3 weavers for about 10 hours a day. They make use of pure lace and silver zari, often dipped in melted gold. The popularity of these sarees can be credited to their lightweight, soft texture, durability and strength. These Jamdanis are the perfect choice to wear on occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. due to its classic and luxurious looks.

Vijayanagara Architectural Style was developed by the grand Vijayanagar empire which was in power in South India. The monuments built during their time are one of the major attractions all across South India. Lepakshi also shows the Vijayanagara Architectural style through its gorgeous temples. One of its most famous temples, Veerbhadra Temple, has gorgeous structures established inside it. Various carvings and paintings and the hanging pillar in Veerbhadra temple is a major source of curiosity among the people. Such structures were built during the Vijayanagar rule, and they are still standing strong. The architectural style and the material used in the construction of these beautiful monuments are class apart.

Just like accommodation, Lepakshi houses few restaurants option serving delicious food. The food is available in various cuisines. You will always get more options of dining out in Hindupur lying at a distance of 14 kms.

Lepakshi is a hub of rich heritage sprinkled at every nook and corner. To begin your one day trip in this village, your first stop should be the huge statue of Nandi and marvellous mural paintings. Make sure have a hearty breakfast at your hotel. Now move on to the Veerbhadra Temple to enjoy the excellence of Vijayanagar style of architecture. Break for lunch at a restaurant nearby and head on to the last but definitely not the least destination of the village i.e. Lepakshi Temple. Return to hotel for warm and delicious dinner and relish the beauty of this place.

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9 months ago by Rohit Shroff

- Make sure you carry a camera to capture the cultural heritage of the city.- Avoid travelling the city during summers owing to hot and humid weather conditions.- Carry a pair of sport shoes for there is lot of walking and trekking around the town.

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  What's Great?

Rich in heritage and culture of India. Buildings date back to 18th century and reflect the Vijayanagara architectural style. Easy to reach and accommodations are easily available as well.

  What's not so Great?

It doesn't have many monuments present there. It is small in size, and less lively as compared to other cities of Andhra Pradesh. Cannot be visited in summers.

For Whom

Lepakshi is a great place for architecture lovers. It can also be visited by people with religious sentiments, as a lot of temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu here. If you want to know more about the history and heritage of India, you should go to Lepakshi.


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Lepakshi is a village in the Anantapur district. It doesn't have an airport or a railway station. However, it is well-connected with various major cities through roadways. Bengaluru International A... (Read More)

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