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2 years ago
A truly global city, Bangkok has the right amalgamations of modernity and culture. Skyscrapers, bustling night clubs and premium malls could be seen everywhere. Besides that you could also visit temp (Read More)les and other heritage sites.

Rohit Shroff

2 years ago
Bangkok is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in all of South East Asia. With modern skyscrapers, amazing street food, backpacker filled streets and lots of cultural heritage makes Bangko (Read More)k the go to place for all tourists planning a trip to Thailand. Great connectivity with other parts of Thailand makes Bangkok a great base for tourism.

Saanya Lulla

3 years ago
With its floating markets, weekend markets and vibrant street life, Bangkok is heaven-like for most shopaholics! I remember its streets, bustling with locals and tourists alike, were filled with the (Read More)aroma of delicious food being prepared. After hours of shopping, tourists can quench their thirst with freshly-squeezed orange juice available easily. Somehow, Bangkok has the perfect blend of Western ideas with Thai traditions, which I could see in the food, clothes and even people. A tip to travellers is to be mentally prepared to want to replace their entire wardrobe!

Tanvi Akhauri

3 years ago
Bangkok is one of the liveliest places and is an experience of a lifetime. I was visiting family in Bangkok, so I didn't have communication troubles. However, knowing certain keywords in Thai- such a (Read More)s "sawatdee" (hello), "khob khun" (thank you), "nee tao rai" (how much), "naam" (water)- will help you while conversing with locals (vendors, drivers, shopkeepers) because a lot of them don't know English. There are many good nightclubs in Sukhumvit, which was close to the place I was staying in. Bangkok is known for its nightlife, and like most foreigners, I indulged myself in it. Also try to cover as many tourist spots (Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, etc.) as you can, because they are all extremely well-made. I found that it is important to respect the customs of temples in Bangkok. Make sure to enquire about instructions on clothing, backpacks, possessions, etc. before visiting any place. Do not miss riding on the motorbike taxis, since this is a fun experience specific to Thailand. I tried a delicious street food, called Sai Krok, a preparation of pork and rice. It is readily available everywhere, so do give it a try.

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Q. I am looking for budget trip for Bangkok and Pattaya from India. Can Anyone suggest me how to manage?


2 years ago
Direct flights are there from major Indian cities to Bangkok. As an Indian, you get Visa on arrival. Pattaya is just around 140kms from Bangkok. You get budget stay options in Bangkok in Khao San R (Read More)oad, which is one of the major localities of the city.
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