What is the best time to visit Baltal?

The best time to visit Baltal is in the months of May-September. During summers, the climate is quite considerable as it ranges between 9 to 34 degrees Celcius. This might just be your best bet to enjoy the lush green environs of the location because during winters the temperature drops to a chilly -8 degrees Celcius sometimes. Baltal also has a lot of snowfall during winters, at times even more than required and hence it is not suggested to visit this place during that season.

Weather in Baltal


Upcoming Baltal Weather

Monthly Weather in Baltal

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -8 7
February -6 13
March -2 16
April 4 22
May 10 26
June 12 28
July 18 29
August 18 28
September 12 28
October 3 25
November -4 18
December -7 15

Baltal in Summer (May - September)

Summers remain the best time to visit Baltal. The weather continues to be extremely pleasant, and you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the place to the fullest.

Baltal in Monsoon (June - August)

Monsoon in Baltal receives a good amount of rainfall in July and August. Maximum temperature drops to below 35 degrees Celcius, and at times rain continues until September.

Baltal in Winter (November - March)

Winters are freezing in Baltal. The weather conditions often disrupt the transport facilities. The temperature can drop to -2 degrees Celsius.

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