What is the best time to visit Dras?

Being the coldest place in India, Dras experiences summer continental climate with the winter temperature falling down to as low as -45 degrees Celcius. It is advisable to avoid travelling during winters. Summer and pre-winter are the ideal time to visit Dras.

Weather in Dras


Upcoming Dras Weather

Monthly Weather in Dras

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -8 5
February -7 10
March -2 14
April 3 20
May 10 25
June 11 26
July 18 29
August 17 27
September 12 27
October 3 24
November -4 16
December -7 12

Summer (April - June)

The sun shines bright and keeps the day at Dras warm and pleasant. The place has beautiful clear blue skies. During early April, you can walk on the frozen lake and have a clear view of the snow-capped mountains as the place recovers from winters. Average temperature during summers is 15 degrees Celcius.

Monsoon (July - August)

The monsoon months, i.e. late July till the end of August sometimes experience landslides and cloudbursts. Not an ideal time to visit the Dras valley.

Winter (September - March)

Travellers prefer to visit Dras during pre-winters. The sun shines bright and it is an ideal time for trekking. Between November to February, this place can get unbearable when the temperature drops to -22 degrees Celcius and sometimes as low as -45 degrees Celcius during peak winter season. Most trekking routes shut down during this time.

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