What is the best time to visit Dachigam National Park?

April-October is the best months to be in this place. In winters, the upper part of the National Park is entirely covered in snow which makes it totally inaccessible, and the temperature in the lower region also drops down to -10 degrees Celcius which would be a highly unfavourable time for tourists. The best time would thus be between April to October i.e. the summer season. During these months one will be able to find full grown lush green trees, and it is also this period that is the most appropriate for bird watching.

Weather in Dachigam National Park


Upcoming Dachigam National Park Weather

Monthly Weather in Dachigam National Park

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January -2°/ -9° 10 days
February 1°/ -7° 5 days
March 5°/ -4° 4 days
April 10°/ 0° 14 days
May 13°/ 3° 12 days
June 16°/ 6° 13 days
July 18°/ 9° 19 days
August 19°/ 9° 19 days
September 19°/ 8° 7 days
October 13°/ 2° 5 days
November 6°/ -3° 3 days
December 1°/ -7° 1 days

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Dachigam National Park in Summer (April - August)

Lower and Upper Dachigam are at their best between June and August. Summer is also a good time to visit the lower areas.

Dachigam National Park in Autumn (September - November)

Probably the best month is October when the rutting season is on, and Kashmir's glorious autumn tree colours are in evidence. September/October is also a good time for viewing the Black Bear which is feeding up on the remaining walnuts and acorns, building up fat for its long hibernation.

Dachigam National Park in Winter (December - March)

The upper areas are not easily accessible in the winter months. Lower Dachigam is open, but it is better to avoid Dachigam during the winter months, due to the snow and extreme climatic conditions.

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Dachigam National Park
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