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Green Bowl Beach, Bali Overview

One of the most secluded beaches in Bali, Green Bowl beach is located in Ungasan, about 15 minutes from any town. The steep descent of hundreds of steps make this beach less populated, with only a few surfers and adventurous folks willing to make the effort. Limestone caves on the beach are perfect for taking a break.

However, its biggest advantage is its exclusivity as the beach is rarely crowded and visited by serious adventure and surfing enthusiasts. One needs to descend a flight of more than a hundred steps to reach the beach and this perhaps acts as a big deterrent. Yet, it ensures that the beach remains secluded and tranquil almost all the time.

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Things to Do

The Green Bowl Beach is perfect for surfers. In fact, the beach is for serious and experienced surfers, since it is known to have one of the strongest currents of the island. The climb down also adds to the adventure and the quiet nature coupled with the magnificent beauty is the main attractions of the Green Bowl Beach.

One can enjoy various water sports or gaze at the tides of the water. In short, the different things that one can do at the beach include surfing, swimming, paddling, snorkelling and lazing on the sands. 

There are also two limestone caves that dot the beach. These are great spots to retire to after a tiring surf, to take shade or to explore the rock shrines that they house.

Best Time to Visit

The Green Bowl Beach can be visited throughout the year. However, during the day, the favourable time to visit the beach is during low tide. The waters are then best for snorkelling and surfing. During high tides, most of the beach that is sandwiched between the cliff and the sea also gets flooded not leaving enough room to explore or relax in the white sands. It is best to reach the Green Bowl Beach in the morning, so that, there is enough time to enjoy.


The Green Bowl Beach though extremely splendid is restricted in visitations due to its location. Here is taking a look at some tips to keep in mind if you plan to visit the beach:
  • Those with knee or leg problems are advised to avoid the beach due to the descent.
  • Wear proper comfortable shoes to make your way down the stairs and finally to the beach.
  • Beware of macaques as you descend towards the beach. Hold on to your belongings and hat, in case, the macaques run off with them.
  • There are no lifeguards at the beach. So only if you are sure of your swimming, surfing and snorkeling skills, make a go for these.
  • Try to check the tide forecast to be sure the best time of the day to visit.
  • Carry food and water since there are not many hawkers or sellers at the beach.
  • Try and carry towels, sunglasses, mats and all that you need to relax at the beach. Make sure to keep the beach clean and litter free.
  • If your children are old and strong enough to make the climb down, make sure to keep an eye on them while swimming. The currents are pretty strong and adult supervision is required.

Food and Restaurants

The parking lot of the beach is where one can find stalls and shacks selling snacks, water and coconuts. But, down at the beach, there are no food stalls. It is best to carry the food from the parking lot to the beach or pack your own snacks and water.

How To Reach Green Bowl Beach

  • The Green Bowl Beach is located in the Ungasan Village in southern Bali.
  • It is 15km from Kuta and a mere 15 minutes away from the magnificent Melasti Beach.
  • If you are staying in Uluwatu then one can hire a scooter or private cab and easily make way to the Green Bowl Beach.
  • From Seminyak and Canguu the beach is approximately an hour and a half away.
  • In fact, if you are staying in southern Bali, especially Uluwatu then the Green Bowl Beach can be a full day visit where you are back at the hotel by evening.

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