What is the best time to visit Arki?

Throughout the year

Arki experiences pleasant summers, moderate monsoons and chilly winters. The climate is not extreme during any particular season in a year and tourists can visit Arki whenever they're comfortable to travel.

Weather in Arki


Upcoming Arki Weather

Monthly Weather in Arki

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 14°/ 5° 12 days
February 18°/ 6° 4 days
March 20°/ 9° 10 days
April 26°/ 13° 7 days
May 31°/ 16° 4 days
June 34°/ 20° 5 days
July 27°/ 19° 27 days
August 26°/ 20° 28 days
September 26°/ 19° 27 days
October 26°/ 14° 2 days
November 22°/ 11° 4 days
December 17°/ 6° 3 days

Arki in Summer (March - June)

This is the ideal time to visit Arki as the weather in this season would be tranquil and pleasant due to Arki's location at a higher altitude. Surrounded by mountain ranges, the climate is neither too cold nor too hot through summers.

Arki in Monsoon (July - October)

This season would be good to visit Arki. The rains in this region are moderate. You would be able to enjoy outdoor activities without any disturbance.

Arki in Winter (November - February)

Only those who can bear extreme chilly weather should visit Arki during the winters as the weather during this season tends to get very cold and windy.

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