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Australia has a wide variety of food and drinks to offer. Much of its food habits have been adopted and adapted since the colonisation and later influences can be seen as a result of globalization which has made Australia the multi-cultural society that we know it to be today. Seafood is a huge part of their cuisine along with variety of recipes involving meat. However if you are in Adelaide, you must try some of these following iconic dishes - Fruchocs. These have been around since its creation in 1948 from a family company that?s been around for 150 years. As the name implies, it?s fruit coated in delicious chocolate! You can find these in any departmental store in Adelaide. Next, you have to try the 'Kitchener Bun' which is a donut without the hole but split in two and filled with raspberry/strawberry jam and cream. you can find this beauty in the 24/7 bakery in North Adelaide. You must also try the 'pie floaters' in Adelaide. They are a huge street favourite. The last one is 'AB' which stands for 'abortion' but other variants are ¥After Birth?, ¥Abomination?, ¥Absolutely Beautiful? or ¥Atomic Bomb?. The Blue & White Caf_ and North Adelaide Burger Bar (also known as Red & White), both on O?Connell St, claim to have invented the dish. It is chips topped with yiros meat with tomato, barbecue, and garlic sauce. A cult classic!

Food for Indians in Adelaide

Indian cuisine is incredibly popular in Australia and some of the famous Indian restaurants are - Clay and Coal, Beyond India Modbury, Chefs of Tandoori,Indian Spice Authentic restaurant, Taste of Bollywood, Jasmine's, Oh! Calcutta. There are a bunch of Jain restaurants to be found in Adelaide too - Sankalp Restaurant, Sukh Sagar. There is a huge variety of Vegan food available all around Adelaide as well.

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