16 Interesting Facts about Karnataka That Will Blow Your Mind!

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The state of Karnataka leaves a beautiful mark on the map of India. On the one hand, the pleasing green forests surround the state shapes the attractive hill stations to visit. Similarly, on another hand, the historical artefacts and structures residing within many parts of the state gains the attention of curious minds and helps one to garner some exciting features about our country. The state of Karnataka is a perfect blend of globalisation with the existing traditional virtues of our country. From the IT hub of Bangalore to the Mysore Palace of the maharajas, Karnataka has many unexplored facts that will leave you astonished!

Here are some 16 astonishing facts about Karnataka:

1) Karnataka has 5 rivers free-flowing through a single district

Ghataprabha river
The district of Vijayapura, also known as Bijapur within the state of Karnataka, witnesses the flow of five rivers passing through it including the tributaries of Krishan, Doni, Bhima, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha. The district is also known as the ‘Five rivers land’. 

2) The ‘Rebellious Ranis’ before Laxmibai

Rani Velu Nyachar

Karnataka’s history provides the country with the brave story of a queen who stood her ground and fought the British colonial power decades before the rise of Rani Laxmibai. Rani Chennamma, also known as Kittur Chennamma, was the queen of the formerly princely state Kittur. She led an armed rebellion against the East India Company and revolted the Kappa tax.

3) The Oriental Research Institute of Mysore

Oriental Research Institute
Initially known as the Oriental Library, this institute exhibits a large number of manuscripts in various languages. However, the highlight of the library is the palm leaf manuscripts which accounts to around 50,000.

4) House of Languages

Different Language scripts

The state of Karnataka is a host to 13 different languages such as Tulu, Konkani, Kodava and Beary etc. are some of the widely spoken dialects within the state amongst which Kannada is superior.

5) Formerly known as the Mysore state

Mysore state
The state of Karnataka has a long history showcasing its establishment wherein it is revealed that the creation of the land was on the date of 1st November 1956 and was formerly known as the ‘Mysore state.’ It was only in 1973 that the name was revised and changed to Karnataka.

6) The ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire

Hampi, the city of temples and ancient complexes is a well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is a witness of the grandiose of the Vijayanagar Empire, which is said to have lasted longer than that of the Mughal Empire.

7) The long-lasting Aviary of Mysore

Silk Production
The city of Mysore is home to a large number of productions including silk, sandalwood, and spices etc. However, the Karanji lake of Mysore is renowned for its walk-through aviary, which is the largest aviary in India. Surrounded by beautiful delights, this aviary is a popular tourist destination.

8) The Rocky Rocks of Bengaluru

Botanical Gardens
The magnificent botanical garden of Bengaluru displays unique rock formations which date back to more than 3,000 million years! Smooth right?

9) The Home of Jnanpith awards

Jnanpith Awards nominee
The state of Karnataka sustains its winning streak of the prestigious Jnanpith literary awards with a maximum number of awardees nominated from the state. Karnataka has won a total of 8 Jnanpith literary awards.

10) Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha

Hold your imagination. It is not a political party but the only unit in India that has the allowance and authorization of manufacturing and supply of the ‘Indian Flag.’ It is situated in Bengeri in Hubli and was set up in the year of 1957. Surprising right?

11) Some Spice, Semolina and voila - Rava Idli!

Rava Idli
Rava Idli is a popular variant of the Idli and which was accidentally produced during the time of World War II due to the scarcity of rice. Instead of rice, then semolina (durum wheat) was used, and a delicious food item was created, which has been cherished through the decades.

12) Karnataka hosted the first private radio set up

Radio Setup
Karnataka was one of the first states to achieve a set up of a single commercial radio station. In the year of 2001, Radio City 91.1 FM was first heard in the city of Bangalore. At present, the radio station has more than 50 channels flourishing at its best.

13) The Ultimate Coffee State

Coffee Plantation
Karnataka is the largest coffee exporter in the country. With beautiful tea plantations, the state of Karnataka also has a large number of coffee consumers as well. Sleep? No, they prefer coffee.

14) Gomateshwara Statue

Gomateshwara Statue
You might be wondering what is so special about this statue? Well for starters, the figure is 58 feet tall and is a monolith statue. Also, the statue is the world’s biggest monolithic statue situated at Shravanabelagola, a town 144 km away from Bangalore. So, yes, this statue is a big deal.

15) A refuge for tigers

National Parks
The state of Karnataka is known for its preservation, from the luscious greenery spread across the whole state to the coffee plantation. Karnataka has been a host to many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries; due to the presence of the Western Ghats it has been possible to retrieve the receding population of tigers. According to a survey, the wildlife sanctuaries and parks have been restored with the appearance of these wild cats.

16) The Plunged Jog Falls

Plunge waterfall
A Plunge Waterfall is the one that drops vertically without a connection with the rocks on its way down. Exciting right? The Gersoppa falls, also known as the ‘Jog Falls’ ranks as the second-highest plunge waterfall in India.

The state of Karnataka is mysterious in every aspect since its inception! Share these surprising facts about Karnataka with your friends, family and colleagues and blow their minds too!

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