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Trekking In Tamil Nadu

Trekking in Tamil Nadu has a whole range of options to choose based on the difficulty of the trek you are looking for. Treks near Ooty, Yelagiri and Kodaikanal are very famous for weekend getaways and short treks in Tamil Nadu.

Here is the list of 14 Trekking In Tamil Nadu For An Adventurous Getaway

1. Trekking in Ooty

3.3 /5

Ooty is a famous trekking place in Tamil Nadu and has gained admiration with the tourists over the years. Ooty forms the perfect base for a number of exciting treks, some long and some short, into the adjoining hills. Also, a base camp is built at Parsons Valley, which aids as an initial point for the trekkers. Ooty-Parson's peak-Porthimund-Mukurthi National Park-Pandiar Hills-Pykara Falls-Mudumalai National Park-Ooty is a long trek which exposes the trekkers through some of the most beautiful and unexplored parts of the Nilgiris. The picturesque view of Mudumalai Sanctuary is certainly spectacular for adventure tourists.

2. Trekking in Yercaud - The Land of Seven Forests.

3.6 /5 View 28+ photos

Known For : Killiyur Falls Lady's Seat Bear's Cave

Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is a hill station called poor man's Ooty with abundant forests, vast coffee plantations and some unique species of flora and fauna resulting in gorgeous views. Yercaud is also known as the 'Land of 7 forests', situated at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level. Fields of coffee, citrus fruits, jackfruit, banana and pear trees are all constituents of the forests in and around Yercaud. Therefore, trekking at this place in Tamil Nadu is a wonderful experience.

Best Time: October to June

3. Trekking in Kodaikanal

3.2 /5

A trekkers delight, Kodaikanal has some exquisite locations to offer to both the professional trekkers and the novice ones. Trekking routes with varying difficulty levels are present and a tourist can select the route according to the fitness, time factor and one's trekking ability. One of the toughest routes is from Periyakulam Adukkam- Kodaikanal which has a trekking distance of about 18 kms which can be covered within 7 hours. For the trekkers who prefer easy walk, the route from Kodaikanal to Berijam will be the suitable one and the trekker will be able to enjoy the green valleys and the mountain ranges surrounding Kodaikanal.

4. Yelagiri - Trekking place in Tamil Nadu known for high safety standards

3.4 /5

Yelagiri offers plenty of options for anyone looking for a little bit of a holiday thrill, with the YASA (Yelagiri Association of Adventure Sports) offering trekking, rock-climbing and paragliding activities for those interested. The Swamimalai Hills trek is one of the most popular treks availed by tourists visiting Yelagiri, and with the Swamimalai Hills standing as the highest point of the hill station, the view of the entire valley from the top is jaw-dropping.

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5. Kutrallam (Courtallam), Tamil Nadu

3.4 /5 View 19+ photos

Known For : Shenbaga Falls Five Falls Main Falls

Kutrallam is a perfect getaway for those who want to be connected with nature and get lost in the penchant of spirituality. It is a small trekking place of Tamil Nadu located in its Tirunelveli District perched at an elevation of 167 m on the Western Ghats. The general route includes an overnight trek to one of the numerous waterfalls in this area. It is advised to carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen on this route.

Best Time: July to March

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6. Vattakanal, Kodaikanal

Endless mist pervading gorgeous and expansive hills, a breezy cool weather throughout the year, wide patches of lush greenery, a fun trekking experience, wild bisons idling amongst eucalyptus trees -- these are some of the things you’d associate with a trip to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Yet there’s a place just nearby that harbours the same charm and pleasantness, that offers the same enriching experiences but without the crowdedness that you’d expect out of the former. Head for the Canopy hill trek for a difficult yet beautiful experience of trekking in Tamil Nadu.

7. Kotagiri, Karnataka

2.6 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Elk Falls Longwood Shola Trekking

Kotagiri is a smallest and oldest hill station, nestled in the lap of Nilgiri Hills bounded by surroundings that exhibits peace and tranquillity. Kotagiri offers stunning views of endless tea plantations interspersed with dense jungles making it an ideal place for trekking in Tamil Nadu.

Best Time: December to May

8. Siruvani Falls, Coimbatore

3.2 /5

The Siruvani falls and dam is situated some 37 kilometers to the west of Coimbatore city amidst the lush green Western Ghats. The trek to these falls is a 4 km route from the base of the dam and it is advised to stay at the base of the falls where the slope is less steep. The river is clean and offers to its visitors some sensationally tasty water.

9. Perumal Peak, Kodaikanal

Perumal Peak which is situated at the height of 2,440 meters is the highest peak of the Perumalai Hills. Nestled in the majestic Western Ghats, it is a place that is worth visiting on tour to Kodaikanal. Bestowed upon with enchanting natural beauty, the site is flocked to by nature lovers as well as adventure seekers. Situated around 18 km from Kodaikanal, this peak is the dream destination of every trekker out there. In addition to this, the Perumal Peak also provides stunning views of the surrounding Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Hills.

10. Koli Hills, Chennai

4.0 /5

With an ominous name which means ‘Mountain of Death’, Koli Hills are a mountain range located in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. It is relatively untouched by commercial tourism and therefore has retained most of its natural magnificence. The trek at Koli Hills begins at Puliancholai. Cultivated flat fields end at Puliancholai and forest territory begins beyond this point. The river bed is rocky, flat and wide and the trail goes right next to it.

11. Avalanche Lake, Ooty

3.5 /5

At a distance of 26 kilometres from Ooty, the Avalanche Lake in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu is a famous tourist spot. People have the option of enjoying mountain trekking, rafting and trout fishing while at the Avalanche Lake. Tourists can also choose from horse riding, rappelling and open jeep driving at the lake. All in all, the enchanting views of the Avalanche Lake, coupled with the host of fun-filled activities offered here, attracts tourists from all over the world to visit this marvellous place and to be awestruck by its sheer simplicity, elegance and grace.

12. Doddabetta Peak, Ooty

3.5 /5

Doddabetta Peak is located exactly at the junction of the Western and Eastern Ghats. This junction is popularly known as the 4-Road intersection from where you can travel in four different directions. At the Doddabetta Road intersection, you can hire a private taxi until the summit which is located 3 kms away or you can choose to take up the challenge of trekking and enjoy the spectacle that the route has to offer.

13. Gingee Fort, Thiruvannamalai

4.2 /5 View 5+ photos

Known as the "Troy of the East" by the British, Gingee Fort rises out of the Tamilian plains. Lying in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu, the fort is 160 kilometres from the state capital, Chennai, and is close to the Union Territory of Puducherry. Locals have given the fort some notable names such as Senji, Chenji, Jinji or Senchi Fort. The majestic fort has three different hilltop citadels and a massive boundary of thick walls and cliffs.

14. Meghamalai, Madurai

Often known as the “High Wavy Mountains”, Meghamalai is a petit yet beautiful place located in the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. At an elevation of 1500 meters, this place is a perfect getaway to beat the heat and enjoy some peaceful time relaxing amidst nature. The forests of Meghamalai are perfect for trekking and exploring the hidden gems, be it trees, birds or animals. These treks near Chennai are easy and filled with drool-worthy beauty that will make your heart swell with happiness.

Which of these trekking places in Tamil Nadu have you visited? Let us know your trekking experience in the comments below!

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