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Trekking in Ooty, Ooty Overview

Ooty is the base for several exciting treks, ideal for both amateurs and professionals with varying difficulty levels. While undertaking these treks, you will come across the picturesque landscape, meandering streams, gushing waterfalls and lush green dense forests. You can also witness the charming Mudumalai Sanctuary in the backdrop of the magnificent hills and valleys.

  1. Doddabetta Peak

    A trek to the Doddabetta Peak is one of the top thrilling treks in the region. The peak is perched at a height of 2637 metres in the Nilgiris. The route is covered in exotic flora and fauna especially Shola vegetation. You will come across several enchanting views while undertaking this trek. Besides the lovely floral vegetation and lush green meadows, there is also a Telescope House at the top of the peak from where you can enjoy panoramic vistas of the surrounding beauty- mighty mountain peaks, sprawling emerald meadows, vibrant shrubberies, steep valleys and criss crossing rivers. You can relax at the top for a while before you can begin your descent downwards.
  2. Parsons Dam

    The very famous Parsons Trek starts at a point 11 kms ahead of Ooty which is called Sholur Junction. Once you are ready to start, start walking up amidst thickets of Eucalyptus trees till you reach the magnificent dam. Halt for a while at the dam to admire the bounteous nature and revel in the beauty of the place. Enjoy the pristine Parson Valley known for its tranquility and charm. Start again upwards, cross the Toda Tribal Village and scale the Thirthor Bett which is at a height of 2450 m from the sea level. From here you can enjoy enchanting views of the blue Nilgiris below. This is one of the most beautiful vantage points nestled in colossal mountain ideal for meditation and boasting of unnerving calmness.
    Once done, start your journey downwards. This time you can also stop to enjoy the view at Koli Mund or to indulge in the local culture of Toda tribes since the downward climb is a little less strenuous. Finally you can end your trek at Sholur Junction again. The entire tour will take close to 8 hours to finish so we recommend you start early in the morning so you can be back well in time.
  3. Kotagiri-Elk Falls

    The Kotagiri- Elk is one of the most trekk-able route in the region replete with bounteous flora and fauna and a rich wildlife. The trek starts at Kotagiri and heads toward Kodanad View Point. From here, you are supposed to face and climb up towards south west towards Catherine Falls and Elk Falls. The second base camp is also situated at Parsons Valley. Besides splendid views, the trek is also super thrilling and adventurous. The night halt is at the village of Porthimund. Next stop is at Mukurthi National Park; the next destinations include Pandier Hills, Pykara Falls and Mudumalai National Park.
  4. Glenmorgan Trek

    Located at a distance of 16 kms from Ooty is a small village called Kokkal Kota amidst sprawling lush green tea estates. The trek starts from this base village, continue climbing up till you reach the ghost village of Pathar. Enjoy breathtaking views and enchanting panoramic vistas from here. You can also spot the mesmerizing Bokkapuram, Masinagudi and Mudumalai Sanctuary. When you are a little relaxed and rested, start again and take a walk in the adjoining foresty areas and start your trek up again. The trail is lined with Eucalyptus trees and it finishes at Pykara Junction. You can watch an astounding view of the Nilgiris from the top among other things.
  5. Tribal Trekking

    About 30 kms from Ooty, near the Avalanche Lake, there is this small tribal hamlet Mullimunth which is occupied by the Toda tribes. This 3 kms long trek is especially meant for the ‘tourists’ as it is ideal for the amateurs. It takes you through these tribal areas around Ooty. You can experience the local lifestyle, interact with the locals and indulge in tasting local cuisines and food items. This trek takes up a total of 5 hours. The route also takes you across dense woods and shimmering streams.

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Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Dress comfortably in light and comfortable clothes- t-shirts, shirts, trousers, pants etc. so you don’t feel unsettling or uncomfortable during the long walking sessions.
  2. Wear flat footwear, most preferably trekking/ hiking shoes so your feet are comfortable and they don’t hurt.
  3. Carry woollen jackets, comforters etc. especially if you are trekking at night as the hills tend to get colder at nights.
  4. Carry a windcheater or a raincoat or a waterproof jacket in case of rain emergencies.
  5. Pack a pair of torch and extra batteries for safety purposes.
  6. Also do not forget to carry a sunscreen and sunglasses to protect and shield yourself from sunlight. The sun is especially bright and piercing in hilly areas.
  7. Carry an emergency first aid kit with basic medicines and antiseptics.
  8. Do not forget to carry your important IDs and documents required for identity verification and the like.
  9. Do not carry or consume alcohol or any drug (except medicines ofcourse) on the trekking tour.
  10. Avoid venturing out at night into the forests. Stay in the vicinity of the camp and if in case, you absolutely must go to, make sure you do that in groups. Do not go to solo in any case; the woods are dark and dangerous especially at nights.
  11. The trekking trails are demarcated areas which are most eco-friendly zones. Do not litter or cause any kind of harm to the natural surroundings around you which includes carvings on trees, plucking flowers, polluting the streams and the like.
  12. Make sure you are updated about all the timings with your tour organizers. You don’t want to miss the group or get late.

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