Charming Lakes in Himachal Pradesh for Every Traveller to Visit


Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

The lakes in Himachal Pradesh are popular all over the country for their scenic sweeping vistas, the ambiance of utter calm and solitude, and for their pristine beauty. These gorgeous lakes are fringed by mighty cliffs and surrounded by verdant green meadows. Boasting of clear turquoise waters, some of these lakes are famous trekking spots and can be reached by short treks while some others are popular picnic spots. There are more than 25 high elevation lakes including both natural and man-made, but despite the origin, all of these are equally beautiful and tranquil. Have a look at the most charming lakes in Himachal Pradesh given below.

Here is the list of 17 Charming Lakes in Himachal Pradesh for Every Traveller to Visit

1. Prashar Lake, Mandi

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One of the most offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh, Prashar Lake is a crystal clear water body situated about 50 km north of Mandi, with a three-storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. This lake in Himachal Pradesh is located at the height of 2730 m above sea level with deep blue waters and holds a saintly position there. Bounded by mighty Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley, the place is full of mystic charm.

2. Chandratal Lake, Spiti

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A camper and trekker's paradise, Chandratal Lake is often referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh located at an altitude of about 4300 m in the mighty Himalayas. The name "Chandra Taal" (Lake of the Moon) comes from its crescent shape. Once a tentative residence for Tibetan traders traveling to Spiti and the Kullu valley, it attracts thousands of adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Vast stretches of green meadows house the best camping sites and an array of different wildflowers during springtime.

3. Dal Lake, Mcleodganj

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Located at the height of 1,775 metres above the sea level near the village of Tota Rani in the Kangra district of Mcleodganj, the Dal Lake is a small yet picturesque lake in Himachal Pradesh. With its name taken from the famous and breathtaking Dal Lake of Srinagar, the lake is surrounded by rugged mountains and towering deodar trees and is a marvellous place to be at. Quaint and calm, the lake has greenish water which is the dwelling place of different kinds of fishes that live here.

4. Gobind Sagar Lake, Bilaspur

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The unparalleled scenic view of rolling hills and plains overlooking the azure blue tint of the man-made reservoir of the Gobind Sagar lake is an alluring vista to gaze upon. The gigantic reservoir is formed on the Sutlej river by the Bhakra Dam, one of the highest gravity dams in the world. Built in 1963, The Bhakra dam stands as an iconic marvel of dam engineering. The multipurpose dam has given birth to a mighty artificial lake in Himachal Pradesh that encompasses an area of 170 square kilometres and is 90 kilometres long. Owing to its location and proximity to the Himalayan ranges, the lake is surrounded by lush greenery and an aura of tranquillity at every turn.

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5. Kareri Lake, Kangra

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A beautiful and picturesque lake, the Kareri Lake seems like a place which has been picked straight out of a Hollywood movie. Also known as Kumarwah Lake, this is a shallow, freshwater lake that is situated to the south of the Dhauladhar range, about 9 kilometres to the northwest of Dharamshala, in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 2,934 metres above the sea level, the Kareri Lake in Himachal Pradesh is also a popular trekking destination in the Dhauladhar range other than being a major sightseeing attraction.

6. Khajjiar Lake, Khajjiar

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The scenic beauty of Khajjiar lake is situated in the Chambal district of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by emerald hills and cotton clouds, this lake is a tranquil picture of natural beauty. It is perched on a massive height of 1920 meters and presents a picture-perfect bird's eye view of the surrounding valley. The spectacle of Khajjiar Lake is further embellished with the sight of cedar forests and smaller water streams that open in its crevices. Hailed as 'Mini Swiss', Khajjiar is famous for its paragliding and horse riding activities.

7. Manimahesh Lake, Chamba

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Manimahesh lake (also known as Dal Lake) is situated in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, in the Bharmour subdivision of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Nestled at an elevation of 4,080 meters, it is considered only second in significance to the Lake Mansarovar in Tibet. Manimahesh literally means "Shiva's jewels". According to a local legend, on a full moon night, one can see the reflection of this jewel in the magnificent lake. Most of the year, it remains closed due to the snow. This lake in Himachal Pradesh is best suitable for trek lovers as it includes 13 km of walking distance. One travelling to the lake does not feel tired after watching the enchanting mountains and greenery.

8. Nako Lake, Kinnaur

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Located at the height of 3,600 metres above the sea level, Nako is a mesmerising and picturesque village that is full of eye capturing surroundings and is the most significant village situated in the Kinnaur district of the Himachal Pradesh. The village also has a beautiful Nako Lake meandering across it. It is a popular tourist attraction for the tourists.

9. Renuka Lake, Nahan

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Located just 38 kilometres away from Nahan, the Renuka Lake is the perfect place to visit for people who are into nature and the solace it offers. Unlike other lakes in the area that is famous for their pristine beauty and surroundings, the Renuka Lake is renowned for its cultural history. Not only is this the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh regarding area (the lake covers a circumference of about 3214 meters); this fantastic water body is shaped in the form of a reclining woman, and hence is considered to be a personification of the Goddess Renuka.

10. Rewalsar Lake, Mandi

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Also known as the Tso Pema Lotus Lake, the Rewalsar Lake in Mandi is a mid-altitude lake that is located on a mountain spur in Mandi district, about 23 kilometres to the south of Mandi. This mountain spur is protected by a variety of dense vegetation and plants, and the lake is particularly well known for its floating islands of reed. It is believed that all of these islands can be moved by prayer or breeze. The tranquillity and serenity that this place offers make it a popular tourist spot, and one of the most famous lakes in Himachal Pradesh that tourists should not miss out on.

11. Suraj Tal Lake, Spiti

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Just below the Baralacha pass, is a lake, one should not moss while here, especially if they are into photography. The Suraj Tal, is one of the most dream-like and photogenic lakes.

12. Bhrigu Lake, Kullu

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A blazing blue Brighu Lake sits snug between two high-altitude ridges towards the east of Rohtang Pass. One of the many glacial lakes in Kullu Valley, this lake makes for a perfect weekend trek and is also well- suited for families. The remarkable thing about this trek is that one can reach an impressive altitude of 14,000 feet and experience snow over the second day of trekking! To add to that, the camping grounds at Rola Kholi and Pandu Ropa offer dream-like views to wake up to.

13. Pandoh Lake, Mandi

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Pandoh Dam is an embankment Dam that lies in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The man-made lake in Himachal Pradesh is created by a dam and draws a good number of people towards it. Vacationers travelling to Manali get a perfect location near the dam to click great pictures as the location is highly picturesque and full of lush greenery. If you want to see the view of the water flowing, you need to reach there at the right time.

14. Dhankar Lake, Spiti

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At a distance of 5 km from the Dhankar monastery that sits dangerously on a cliff, lies the Dhankar lake on the other side of the mountain. It takes about an hour to reach the lake after following a well marked trail from the monastery.

15. Kamru Nag Lake, Mandi

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A famous trekking path all around and situated at the height of 3334 m, Kamru Nag Lake lies on the Mandi-Karsog road and serves as arresting place for trekkers.

16. Serloskar Lake, Tirthan Valley

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Serloskar Lake, another major attraction of the village is located about 5 km from Jalori Pass. The lake has clear water which remains so despite of several leaves falling in to it.

17. Dashir Lake

Located at the upper-side of the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, Dashir Lake is a treasure cove. Surrounded by glaciers and the Pir Panjal mountain range, the sight from here is majestic. Visually, the lake's pristinely clear cobalt-coloured water adds to an unforgettable experience. It is also considered a pious lake by the locals and the water is considered therapeutic. The lore says that displacing any of the rocks near the lake is a bad omen. Treks are also organised for Dashir Lake which involves rock climbing in the neighbouring Rani Nalla.

Which of these lakes in Himachal Pradesh have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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