Himachal's Horn Not Ok Campaign Kick-Starts!

In the interest of spreading awareness for noise pollution, Himachal would initiate a new drive called 'Horn Not Ok'. From now on, unnecessarily using the horn and violating the campaign would incur hefty fines. 

Who, When and Why

Jai Ram Thakur launched this campaign in August last year. The aim was to spread the word to tourists and citizens, thus making aware of the hazards of noise pollution. 


The Department of Environment, Science and Technology are set to hold a series of events during this drive at resorts of Shimla and Manali which are scheduled till November 20th 2019. Some of them include debates, painting, declaration, essay writing on the theme of noise pollution. They are all arranged to boost this initiative. 

School Programs

Technology Director D.C. Rana said that awareness campaign is also organised for school students. The agenda is to hold lectures and encourage school children towards the initiative by assigning them the duty to affix "Horn Not Ok" stickers on nearby cars including their family vehicles.

What Happens If You Do Honk

Henceforth, unnecessary honking will inflict severe fines in Shimla as police officers have been directed to impose these charges on-spot. Anyone who disobeys the drive would be heavily penalised. 

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