Beautiful Hill Stations Near Pune To Beat The Summer Heat

Beautiful Hill Stations Near Pune

Hill stations near Pune provide the perfect venue for those looking to break the monotony of city life. With the rich scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, Puneris can easily escape to the nearby Lonavla or the gorgeous Panchgani for some peace and solitude amidst the lush greenery and charming lakes of these hill stations.


Here is the list of 23 Beautiful Hill Stations Near Pune To Beat The Summer Heat

1. Lonavala, Maharashtra - Misty hill station near Pune


38 photos

54 kms from Pune

Known For : Tiger's Leap | Bushi Dam | Lonavala Lake

Popular hill station near to Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is the place to be during monsoons. With lots of waterfalls, lakes and hills around, Lonavala is frequented by all sorts of people, especially hikers and trekkers.

Distance From Pune: 66.2 km

Best Time : Throughout the year

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2. Lavasa, Maharashtra - India's first planned hill station near Pune


5 photos

39 kms from Pune

Known For : Sightseeing in Lavasa | Lakeside Promenade | Bamboosa

Known as India's newest hill station, the Lavasa Corporation is constructing this private city. The city is a beautiful project, stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure.

Distance From Pune: 57.5 km

Best Time : Throughout the year

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3. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - The land of Strawberries


20 photos

70 kms from Pune

Known For : Elephant's Head point | Chinaman's falls | Dhobi waterfall

A hill station in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar is well known for its strawberries, its numerous rivers, magnificent cascades and majestic peaks. This hill station near Pune offers charming views, enticing valleys, serene lakes and a refreshing delight for your taste buds - is the best way to summarize this nature's gift.

Distance From Pune: 120.7 km

Best Time : October to June

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4. Khandala, Maharashtra - Misty Mountains


22 photos

57 kms from Pune

Known For : Rajmachi Fort | Visapur Fort | Bedsa caves

Perched on the foothills of Sahyadri, Khandala provides for a perfect weekend respite for the Mumbai population, with its scenic valleys, grassy hills, serene lakes and misty waterfalls. This is one of the most popular hill stations near Pune and Mumbai. The place immortalized by the popular Bollywood song, "Aati Kya Khandala", is a must-visit destination for everyone looking for beautiful nature, pleasant weather and the feeling of mist in the air.

Distance From Pune: 70.8 km

Best Time : Throughout the year

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5. Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra - Hikers hill station near Pune


14 photos

91 kms from Pune

Known For : Malshej falls | Pimpalgaon Joga Dam | Harishchandragad Fort Trek

A beautiful hill station near to Pune with its numerous lakes, waterfalls and mountains, Malshej Ghat is popular among hikers, trekkers and nature lovers. This place is especially beautiful during monsoons and is one of the favourite weekend getaways for youngsters from Pune, Mumbai and Thane. Harishchandragad fort in this area and is very popular among trekkers.

Distance From Pune: 138.1 km

Best Time : July to March

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6. Panchgani, Maharashtra - The Table Land


16 photos

67 kms from Pune

Known For : Kaas Plateau | Table Land | Mahabaleshwar

Deriving its name from the five hills surrounding it, Panchgani is a popular hill station near Pune, famous for its various sunset/sunrise points and scenic valley view. Five hills form the Sahyadri mountain ranges offer Panchgani its name. The picturesque backdrop of hills on one side and coastal plains on the other makes for an amazing view. It is located very close to Mahabaleshwar which like a twin city to Panchgani.

Distance From Pune: 101.5 km

Best Time : September to May

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7. Matheran, Maharashtra - Cutest little hill-station near Pune


26 photos

81 kms from Pune

Known For : Louisa point | Panorama Point | Charlotte lake

Nestled amidst the Sahyadri range on the Western Ghats, Matheran is a cosy little hill station near Pune that stands at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level, and is just 100 kilometres away from Mumbai, making it the perfect weekend getaway. With its name literally translating to “overhead forest”, Matheran is the smallest hill station in all of India, but it is extremely popular in terms of tourists looking for a short trip amid spectacular vistas and serenity.

Distance From Pune: 80.6 km

Best Time : Throughout the year

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8. Bhandardara, Maharashtra


11 photos

113 kms from Pune

Known For : Umbrella Falls | Wilson Dam | Kalsubai Peak

Bhandardara, a hill station nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, has all the nature's blessings a place can get. The lush greenery, the humble waterfalls and surrounded by high mountains makes for the perfect holiday spot for city dwellers.

Distance From Pune: 172.4 km

Best Time : June to March

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9. Igatpuri, Maharashtra


134 kms from Pune

Known For : Bhatsa River Valley | Camel Valley | Tringalwadi Fort

Igatpuri is blessed with picturesque beauty and is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It also has some of the highest peaks of the Sahyadri range and is a more offbeat hill station near Pune. Igatpuri is also a major railway station in Maharashtra connecting surrounding major cities.

Distance From Pune: 247.3 km

Best Time : July to September

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10. Kaas Plateau - The flowery hill station near Pune


11 photos

89 kms from Pune

One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of India, known for its natural beauty and flora, Kaas Plateau is a magical place with landscapes with lakes, flowers and butterflies all around. The 1000 hectare area of the plateau is now a reserved forest which is famous for its different species of flowering plants, its Kaas Lake and its beautiful landscape, located near the Maharashtrian city of Satara.

Distance From Pune: 137.0 km

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11. Panhala Fort


5 photos

192 kms from Pune

The Panhala Fort lies 20 km away from Kolhapur. It is situated 3177 feet above sea level. This fort is amongst the largest forts in the country. It has walls soaring as high as 7 km in length along with full proof protection guaranteed by three double-walled gates which are humongous in size.

Distance From Pune: 239.6 km

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12. Jawhar, Maharashtra


23 photos

167 kms from Pune

Known For : Dabdaba Falls | Jai Vilas Palace | Sunset Point, Jawhar

A small hill station near Pune, Jawhar is a place with abundant nature's beauty and several man-made marvels. Located in the Thane District of Maharashtra, Jawhar is known for preserving numerous picturesque views and is loaded with tourist attractions and exotic beauty of flora and dense cover of the forest.

Distance From Pune: 268.8 km

Best Time : September to Apr

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13. Amboli, Maharashtra - Unexplored hill station near Pune


6 photos

285 kms from Pune

Known For : Amboli Falls | Madhavgad Fort | Shirgaonkar Point

Amboli lies in the Sahyadri hills in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is the last hill station of Maharashtra before the plains of Goa begin and is a relatively unexplored one. Amboli receives the highest rainfalls in Maharashtra and thus remains pleasant all round the year. It attracts a lot of weekend visitors from Goa and Belgaum.

Distance From Pune: 346.4 km

Best Time : June to September

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14. Toranmal, Maharashtra


15 photos

378 kms from Pune

Known For : Sita Khai | Lotus Lake | Yashavant Lake

Toranmal is a hill station near Pune nestled in the lap of nature and is adorned with nature's best elements. Salubrious weather, lush green surroundings, tranquil lakes and gushing cascades of waterfall along with several man-made marvels narrating their astounding tales charm visitors entirely.

Distance From Pune: 468.6 km

Best Time : October to February

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15. Chikhaldara, Maharashtra


484 kms from Pune

Known For : Bhimkund | Melghat Tiger project | Narnala Fort

The scent of coffee enchants you as you enter the hill station of Chikhaldara in the state of Maharashtra. Being the only coffee growing area in the region, Chikhaldara also boasts of beautiful lakes, breathtaking panoramic viewpoints and exotic wildlife making it a great place to visit from Pune.

Distance From Pune: 632.4 km

Best Time : July to February

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16. Tapola - Jungle trekking hill station near Pune


5 photos

83 kms from Pune

Tapola is a satellite village of Mahabaleshwar about 25 Kms down the valley. Famed as the 'Mini Kashmir' Tapola is an ideal destination for a back to nature experience. Jungle treks from Tapola is very popular with trekkers. There are many unknown forts in the dense forest around the lake in Tapola like Vasota and Jaygad. The view of these forts and forest nearby is magnificent in itself. There are many strawberry farms and nurseries of Gerberra around Tapola. Boating in the Shivsagar lake is also a crowd attraction.

Distance From Pune: 146.6 km

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17. Rajmachi, Maharashtra


5 photos

59 kms from Pune

Known For : Rajmachi Fort, Rajmachi | Trekking

Rajmachi is a small village situated in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Rajmachi has two fortified peaks - Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts, located near two famous hills stations of Lonavala and Khandala.

Distance From Pune: 170.8 km

Best Time : June to September

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18. Raigad, Maharashtra - Chhatrapati Shivaji's prized hill station near Pune


6 photos

71 kms from Pune

Known For : Raigad Fort | Diveagar Beach | Jagadishwar Temple

Raigad, is a historically rich district is situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Located at 2,851mts, it is surrounded by Mumbai Harbour, Thane, Pune, Ratnagiri and the Arabian Sea. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the renowned Maratha ruler, won this place in 1656 and his Maratha kingdom thus shifted base to Raigad. His prized win, the Raigad Fort is one of the main attractions of this place. The fort is built on an irregular mound of rock at a considerable height from the sea level.

Distance From Pune: 127.0 km

Best Time : November to March

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19. Dandeli, Karnataka - Most adventurous hill station near Pune


27 photos

371 kms from Pune

Known For : River Rafting in Dandeli | Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary | Kavala Caves

Bestowed with the lush green forests and laying on the banks of the Kali river, Dandeli is truly a fascinating mix of wildlife, scenic beauty and adventure sports. Dandeli can be the ideal extension of adventure to your trip to Goa. Along with its natural beauty and sceneries, one can indulge in maximum excitement given the numerous options such as mountain biking, trekking, cycling, kayaking, canoeing and river rafting.

Distance From Pune: 439.9 km

Best Time : October to May

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20. Karjat, Maharashtra


71 kms from Pune

Known For : Kondana Caves | Peth Fort | Trekking in Karjat

Karjat, a quaint little village is the last station of Thane district in Maharashtra. The river Ulhas finds its origin in Karjat and trekking and historical spots make it a popular hill station near Pune for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.

Distance From Pune: 107.6 km

Best Time : June to September

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21. Bhimashankar, Maharashtra


11 photos

70 kms from Pune

Known For : Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary | Bhimashankar Temple | Bhimashankar Trek

Bhimashankar, located about 100 km from Pune and 223 km from Mumbai, is a popular temple town. It is among one of the twelve traditional 'Jyotilingam' shrines of Lord Shiva in India. Bhimashankar is also a popular destination for trekkers. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is another important reason why people come here.

Distance From Pune: 109.8 km

Best Time : November to February

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22. Saputara, Gujarat - The abode of serpents


7 photos

229 kms from Pune

Known For : Artist Village | Hatgadh Fort | Vansda National park

Saputara is known as a well planned resort hill station because of the innumerable sightseeing, trekking and boating activities. Saputara literally means habitat of snakes and the tribals of this region worship snakes, especially during Holi. It is a beautiful hilly region enriched with enormous greenery offering magnificent panaroma, tribal culture of a different sort and great trekking opportunities.

Distance From Pune: 288.2 km

Best Time : Mid March to mid November

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23. Durshet, Maharashtra - Hill station on banks of River Amba


63 kms from Pune

Known For : Durshet Forest Lodge | Uddhar Hot Springs | Water sports in Durshet

Durshet is a little village found on the banks of the river Amba, nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. Due to its proximity to Pune and Mumbai it serves as a weekend getaway for people to move away from the crowded cities.

Distance From Pune: 99.8 km

Best Time : September to February

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