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Toranmal Tourism

Toranmal is a hill town nestled in the lap of nature in Maharashtra and is adorned with nature's best elements. Salubrious weather, lush green surroundings, tranquil lakes and gushing cascades of waterfall alongwith several man-made marvels narrating their astounding tales charm visitors throughly.

Enriched with variety of flora and fauna, the area is flanked by seven ranges of Satpura Hills a cover o dense forest surrounds it. Toranmal, other than being packed with bounty of nature is also a box gleaming with several holy shrines revealing its intriguing culture and traditions. The place once been a tribal area is known to derive its name from Torana, a tribal Goddess who is a presiding deity of a temple located in hilly regions of the plateau. Dripping with tranquility and serenity, Toranmal is a perfect getaway for vacation makers who appreciate the quality time spend with Mother Nature away from the buzzing sounds of cities.

Things to do in Toranmal

1. Sita Khai

Sita Khai
A destination that will leave you absolutely spellbound, Sita Khai is a place located nearly 1.5 km from Toranmal. It comprises of a mesmerizing valley which got its name from Seedha Khai.

2. Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake
An enchanting sight awaits you at Lotus Lake locally known as Kamal Talao which is covered with beautiful lotus flowers. A stream originating from this lake flows into the Sita Khai presenting a wonde (Read More)rful sight of waterfall.

3. Yashavant Lake

Yashavant Lake
Yashavant Lake is a beautiful natural lake spreading over an area of 1.59 sq km. The lake derives its name from Yashwant Rao Chavan, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

4. Machhindranath cave

Machhindranath cave
Machhindranath cave is naturally formed cave which is aid to be a meditating place of Saint Machindranath. Located in the vicinity to this cave are Machindranath Mandir and the Seat of Sage Markendeya (Read More).

5. Aawashabari Point

Aawashabari Point
Lying at the boundary of Madhya Pradesh, Aawashabari Point offers a very stunning view of hilly mountains and the Forest Rest House. Another fascinating sight that this view point offers is of Jalindr (Read More)anath Tempe and ruins of fort of Gond Raja attracting many tourists.

6. Khadki Point

Khadki Point
Khadki Point is a place that offers captivating view and also serves as a famous trekking region in Toranmal. It is said that ages ago a wall ran along this hill town which is evidenced through the fe (Read More)w number of bricks found during the excavation of the town a few years ago.

7. Torna Devi Temple

Torna Devi Temple
Torna devi temple is considered to be as old as 600 years when according to the folklore, the deity of the temple was enshrined. The idol of the Goddess is made up of black stone representing Torna De (Read More)vi.

8. Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden

Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden
Also referred to as the Garden of Forest Medicines, Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden is place packed with numerous plant species of great medicinal value. These plants are used for different pur (Read More)poses of treating ailments.

9. Shopping in Toranmal

Shopping in Toranmal
Shopping in the town is limited to few products. Cotton being a major crop grown in the area, clothes made of pure and soft cotton can be purchased. Sugarcane and tur are also available at best prices (Read More).

More on Toranmal Travel

The Tiny Hillock of Divinity

Nestling in the lap of nature, Toranmal is a petite and enchanting hill station located in Maharashtra. It is the second highest place as well as the second coldest hill station of the state. The famed Gorakhnath shrine which witnesses a plethora of devotees around the year is located in this mini version of a hill station. Apart from the ecstatic scenic views, Toranmal caters its visitors with wholesome food, roadside stalls and few local restaurants. You can bag home some pure cotton clothes and chillies as a souvenir from this famed destination.

Not only does Toranmal takes away all the stress of the veryday life by its picturesque views, it has a lot to extend with its foothills good for trekking and camping. Kayaking is yet another adventurous activity you can hold to satisfy his urge for adventure blended with scenic views of nature. The famous points for Kayaking in and around Toranmal is Lotus Lake. Apart from these spots- few spots like the Coffee Garden, the Aawashbari Point, the Sunset Point and Check Dam are must visits to relish the general scenery.

Suggested Itinerary for Toranmal

Start early in the morning from a nearby location/ town where you have booked a hotel. Have your breakfast on the way to Toranmal in any of the humble dhabas you find on your way. Once you enter Toranmal, enjoy the breathtaking views of the glorious Satpura mountains. Head to visit the famous pilgrimage of Goraknath, Nagarjuna followed by Yashwant lake. Have your lunch. Head to Machhindranath Cave, you may walk to the destination to enjoy the view. Next, drive to the highest point of Toranmal- Khadi Point followed by the Sunset Point. Call it a day and spend the rest of the time relishing the views of the ecstatic valley.   

Best Time to Visit Toranmal

How to Reach Toranmal

How to Reach Overview

Tucked cozily in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, Toranmal fails to have a direct flight and train connectivity to rest of the major cities of the nation. However, the nearest railhead for Toranmal is Nandurbar located 77 km and Dondaicha 79 km away. The nearest airport is Surat, which is around 260 km from Toranmal. Cabs and buses are easily available from Surat to Toranmal.

How to reach Toranmal by flight

Located 260 km from Toranmal, Surat Airport is the nearest air base. The local carriers like Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, Vistara, Spice Jet and others have direct flights from major metro cities like Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata and other cities from rest of India. On reaching the airport, you can hire a taxi or book a bus seat to get to Toranmal, which will take you around 5 hours to reach your destination. 

How to reach Toranmal by road

There are frequent bus services from nearby cities like Surat, Pune, Nasik and Ahmednagar to Toranmal with more than 50 routes. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi to travel to Toranmal or drive your way to the destination. However, make sure the driver has experience driving in hilly regions since the roads are curvy and a little risky. 

How to reach Toranmal by train

The nearest railway station is Nandurbar (77 km) or Dondaicha (79 km) or Tisi (89 km). It is well-served by rail but you will need to travel to Toranmal by bus or hiring a taxi to the destination.

Local transport in Toranmal

The best way to explore the exotic beauty of this place is on foot. Apart from walking and hiking, taxi serves as the best way to commute from one destination to another and also the fastest. It is a bit expensive but very convenient as compared to other forms.

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Toranmal, Maharashtra
Lotus Lake
Sita Khai
Yashavant Lake

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FAQs on Toranmal

What is famous about Toranmal?

Second coldest and highest hill station of Maharashtra. Pleasant Climate. A beautiful blend of nature's grasslands and man-made attractions. Trekking and other adventurous activities.

What is not so good about Toranmal?

Good food not easily available. Carrying pre-made snacks is advisable. Trekking during monsoons is risky. Chances of landslides and un-even roads in monsoons.

Who should visit Toranmal?

Great for the population of Maharashtra to getaway from their chaotic and mundane fast life. Perfect location for couples, family and group get-togethers. Adventure sports like Kayaking and trekking available during peak season that awakens the adventure enthusiast in you.

What is the best time to visit Toranmal?

Toranmal is a destination that comprises of empirical weather. It is a refreshing summer getaway. The best time to visit the place is during the month of October to May post which the monsoons knock the doors of the town. Toranmal experiences mild yet more rainfall during the summers than the monsoons. Such kind of climate can be classified as the Koppen-Geiger climate with 987 mm of annual rainfall. The average annual temperature for the hill station is 22.4 degrees Celsius.

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What is the local food in Toranmal?

The town of Toranmal is quite famous for its sugarcane and its products. Being located in Maharashtra, the place also predominantly served the delicious and spicy Maharashtrian cuisine.
Delicacies made out of tur, maize, wheat and jowar are quite famous here. Try out the local restaurants and roadside stall for authentic taste of the local dishes.
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What is the best way to reach Toranmal?

Tucked cozily in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, Toranmal fails to have a direct flight and train connectivity to rest of the major cities of the nation. However, the nearest railhead for Toranmal is Nandurbar located 77 km and Dondaicha 79 km away. The nearest airport is Surat, which is around 260 km from Toranmal. Cabs and buses are easily available from Surat to Toranmal.

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What are the things to do in Toranmal?

The top things to do in Toranmal are Sita Khai, Lotus Lake, Yashavant Lake, Machhindranath cave, Aawashabari Point, Khadki Point. You can see all the places to visit in Toranmal here

What are the places near Toranmal?

The top places near to Toranmal are Bawangaja which is 40 km from Toranmal, Udaipur which is located 311 km from Toranmal, Ajanta and ellora caves which is located 218 km from Toranmal, Mandu which is located 108 km from Toranmal, Maheshwar which is located 118 km from Toranmal

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kiran patil

5 years ago
Toranmaal is one of the less discovered places in Maharastra. Before visiting Toranmaal, I have been to different Hill stations in Maharashtra like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar. But if you are peace lover (Read More), then you should chose Toranmaal. Its the place from where you can see back water of Sardar Sarovar and it is covered with dense forest. Here you can see real beauty of nature. You need to cross Saat Payari (Seven fold) ghat to reach this place, so its best for bike riders. Best time to visit this place is during Monsoons.

Rohit Shroff

5 years ago
- Make sure you carry a camera to capture the essence of natures bounty oozing out of the city.
- Avoid travelling the city during summers owing to hot and dry weather and heat and monsoon due to (Read More)heavy rainfall.
- Carry a your swim wear and beach equipments and take proper precaution while indulging an sport activities.