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The city of Boston is home to several parks, museums and zoos. Visitors do often need a break from this hectic city life. Day trips from Boston to various different locations like beaches, mountains, (Read More) hills, towns and islands prove to be an ideal place for a perfect weekend getaway from the hustle of the city. The variety of activities that one can do at these locations are abundant and unique. Day trips from Boston prove to be a perfect escape from the city.

Here is the list of 32 Day Trips from Boston

1. Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls

The single drop waterfall in the state of Massachusetts, the Big Bash Falls has several activities like hiking, picnicking and trekking for the visitors. The waterfall does not permit swimming right under the drop as it proves to be dangerous due to the tremendous force of water. The scenic views from the top of the fall and throughout the hike.

Open Hours: sunrise- 30 minutes after sunset
Suggested Hours: One day trip
Distance from Boston: 126 Miles
Activities: Hiking, picnicking, hunting, fishing

2. Canton Treetop Adventures

Canton Treetop Adventures

The Canton Treetop adventures are located 30 minutes from the south of Boston city. The adventurous park has a wide range of exciting rope activities for all age groups. To ensure the safety concerns of all its visitors the park also briefs the people of the safety rule and also helps them with the same.

Open Hours: 9 am-7 pm 
Suggested Hours: One day trip
Distance from Boston: 21 Miles
Activites: Adventurous rope activities

3. Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The peninsular region located at the southern part of Boston opening out into the Atlantic ocean the Cape Cod has an amazing climate and proves to be an ideal destination for celebrities, tourists and wealthy families. The cape is known for its sandy beaches and breezy climate for a perfect weekend getaway from the busy and hectic city life.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: One-day trip/weekend
Distance from Boston: 70 miles

4. Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Built-in 1879 the 165 acres of elevated land surrounded by water and a salt marsh the castle hill is one of Massachusetts largest and most well-built castles. The widely spread castle provides a magnificent insight into the lives of the royals. The mansions and the gardens have a great guided tour for all the visitors and they also allow the people to walk freely on the property. Castle Hill is a memorable destination filled by beauty and royalty.

Open Hours: 10am-4pm
Suggested hours: Depends on one’s interest
Distance from Boston: 37.5 miles
Activities: Sightseeing

5. Concord, MA

Concord, MA

A small town at the north of Boston city, Concord is majorly known for its revolutionary American History. Concord was discovered only in the 1600s by a British troop. The small but pretty town is known for its Minute Man National historical park which is a collection of the major historic events.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: One day trip
Distance from Boston: 20 Miles
Activities: Sightseeing

6. Eyrie House Ruins

Eyrie House Ruins

The Eyrie House was opened in 1861 on top of Mount Nonotuck. The hotel was extremely well built and a sight to see for visitors who came there. Unfortunately, in 1901 William Street the owner of the hotel has organized the cremation for 2 horses, during the cremation the entire hotel has burnt down to ashes and could not have been rebuilt. Now, on the same mountains remains the ruins of the magnificent hotel that visitors come to study.

Open Hours: All Day
Suggested Hours: 3-4 Hours
Distance from Boston: 100 Miles
Activites: 2-mile long walk of ancient ruins, sightseeing.

7. Glendale Falls

Glendale Falls

The Glendale Falls is a beautiful open space reserve situated at Middlefield, Massachusetts. The preserve is filled with large open spaces, coupled with various small and large waterfalls and a variety of different flora and fauna. The Glendale Falls trail is a small hiking trail stretching for about 0.5-1 km consisting of some spectacular views and bird watching sites. It’s primarily a trip for nature lovers than hardcore hikers as the trail is not too long or uphill.

Open hours: sunrise-sunset
Suggested hours: 1-2 hours
Distance from Boston: 118 miles
Activities: Hiking, walking, swimming, bird watching

8. Gloucester, MA

Gloucester, MA

A city on the coastal area of Massachusetts, Gloucester is known majorly for its unique fishing culture. The city has a memorial to the fishermen that were lost at sea. Apart from its fishing culture Gloucester has a great history as well as restaurants serving delicious seafood and whale watching cruises. The city also has art colonies and relaxing beaches. The city attracts people with interests in all fields of life.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: One-day trip/ weekend
Miles from Boston: 40 miles
Activities: Fishing, art, history

9. Halibut Point State Park

Halibut Point State Park

The Halibut Point State Park is a historic land located at the edge of the ocean, in Rockport, Massachusetts. The piece of land carries a historic significance, making it a conservation area. This largely due to the fact that the Halibut Point, actually sits on a granite rock that is expected to be 440 millions years old. The structure also provides a beautiful view of the ocean and on a clear day, one can even get a glimpse of Mount Agamenticus, situated 80miles away from land. The area is very popular and acts as a great location for sightseeing and ocean lovers.

Open hours: 8 am to sunset
Suggested hours: 2-3 hours
Miles from Boston: 44.5 miles
Activities: hiking, fishing, sightseeing

10. Kennebunkport


Kennebunkport is a very popular seaside town, home to a historically, very famous fishing and shipping industry. In today’s times, the town serves as a great location to spend summers along the ocean. Home to not more than 4000 people, the town is located in Maine, Massachusetts. The urbanised town has all the facilities at the same time retaining its age-old heritage and tradition. The town is a perfect spot to spend holidays at any part of the year.

Open hours: All-day
Suggested hours: Day trips/ weekend trips
Miles from Boston: 90 miles
Activities: Fishing, swimming, hiking

11. Lexington


The small town of Lexington is most famous for its contribution towards the famous American History. The first shots of the American Revolutionary war were taken from the fields of Lexington, the war was also known as the Battle of Lexington. The town now has the Minute Man National Historic Park which holds a collection of eye-opening American history for its visitors It is also home to several memorials, parks and monuments dating back to the colonial era.

Open hours: All Day
Suggested time: Day trips/ weekend trips
Distance from Boston: 13 miles
Activities: Cycling, history, parks

12. Lincoln Ice Castles

Lincoln Ice Castles

The Ice Castles in Lincoln is an acre of land filled with pure ice forming magnificent arches throughout the walk at the ice castle. The walkway also has sights for a perfect photograph with plenty of ice sculptures too. The visitors can also get the opportunity to ride on a horse sleigh that takes them all around the man-made the attraction of the ice castle. In addition to this, there are also extraordinary fire and ice shows that take place if the weather conditions permit.

Open Hours: Monday- Thursday:3pm - 9pm ( Tuesday closed) Friday:3pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday- 12pm-10pm
Time from Boston- 2-hour drive
Activities: sightseeing, walking, shows

13. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard

A small island connected to the south of the Cape Cod in the Atlantic Ocean, Martha’s Vineyard is known especially for its summer climate and is a perfect getaway from the heavy and hectic city life. Martha’s island is only accessible by boat and air and is ideal for a relaxed weekend with a couple of friends.

Open hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: A day trip/ weekend
Distance from Boston: 69 miles

14. Mystery Hill

Mystery Hill

Also known as America’s Stonehenge the mystery hill is often a sight visited by several archaeologists and historians to dig deeper into the origin and existence of the Mystery Hill. The one acre of land is filled with 13 stone chambers, several stone basins, walls and statues. The stone here dates back to at least 7000 years which is why there are several studies about the Mystery Hill.

Open Hours: 9am-5pm
Suggested Hours: 3-4 hours
Distance from Boston: 40 miles
Activities: Sightseeing, history

15. New England Coast

New England Coast

Located over six states the New England coast is one of USA’s most visited as well as prettiest coastlines. The coast covers six states namely, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The coastline is most famous for its large variety of seafood and prettiest state of Vermont. In addition to artist colonies, the New England coast also has sandy beaches and clear water for the visitors who wish to relax.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: 4 days
Distance from Boston: Cruise that starts from Boston harbour and goes all around the coastline.
Activities: Sightseeing, art, food, leisure

16. New York

New York

The most famous city of the USA, New York is one the most visited, busy and beautiful cities. The city is home to the famous Statue of Liberty and the beautiful Central Park. The city has the Empire state building and the 9/11 memorial which is a sight visited by most people. In addition to this, there are also large shopping malls and well-directed broadway shows. Times Square and Manhattan are the heart of the city. The Universities at NYC are also the most desired and famous around the country.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: 3-4 days
Distance from Boston: 217 Miles
Activities: sightseeing. Shopping, theatre,

17. Newburyport, MA

Newburyport, MA

A small coastal city in the state of Massachusetts the Newburyport has a scenic view and also holds a great role in the history of the country. The city has a seaport which leads to marvellous tourism even in the small city. Although the city is old it has a wide offering of several modern restaurants and cafes.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: one-day trip/ weekend
Distance from Boston: 56 miles
Activities: History, sightseeing

18. Newport


The small city on Rhode island the city of Newport is known for its wealth and richness. The city is full of well made and rich mansions. The city is also known for its major shopping centres as well as scenic views of the beautiful city and the horizon. The city with a great ocean view has sandy beaches and has several museums for the people and visitors. Newport also has an extremely famous annual Jazz festival.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: weekend
Distance from Boston: 71.8 miles
Activities: Sightseeing, shopping, leisure

19. Northampton, MA

Northampton, MA

A liberally political city, Northampton is majorly known for its academic, artistic, musical and multicultural centre. Although Northampton is a small city it is full of intellectuals, artists and activists. The city is also the famous Smith’s college for women and is also home to several gardens, museums and local markets. The city of Northampton is majorly known for a bohemian college and houses a large part of the LGBT community.

Open Hours: all-day
Suggested Hours: day trip
Distance from Boston: 104 miles
Activities: sightseeing

20. Ogunquit, ME

Ogunquit, ME

A town located in the southern coast of Maine, Ogunquit is full of its marvellous beaches, breathtaking views and clear water bodies. The town is located amidst the blue Atlantic ocean and the Ogunquit River. Home to several museums with artworks of local artists and summer theatres screening plays and dramas. The town is ideal for a relaxation trip or weekend getaway.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: Weekend
Distance from Boston: 76.8 miles

21. Plymoth Plantation

Plymoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation is one of the rare historical preserve colonies of the United States of America, located in Plymouth Massachusetts. The colony is a museum in the form of a replica of the Plymouth colony built by the Britishers in the 17th Century. It includes small houses, cottages, a waterfront, breeds of different types of livestock, barns and various other primitive structures. The location gives the visitors an idea of the life of american and Europeans in the 17th century and how they spent their everyday lives. Although the museum name is due to change as per announcements on 20th July 2020, the Plymouth plantations are a must-visit for history lovers.

Open hours : 9am - 5pm
Suggested hours: 2-3 hours
Distance from Boston: 43 miles
Activities: Education, leisure

22. Plymouth


Also known as ‘America's Hometown’ the county of Plymouth is known for its historical, spiritual and cultural purposes. The town in Massachusetts has served major events like the Thanksgiving festival and several religious traditions still celebrated in the States. The town is more of a place for pilgrims or people who wish to rest for a few days.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: Day trip
Distance from Boston: 40 miles
Activities: Pilgrimage, leisure

23. Portland, ME

Portland, ME

Oregon's largest city Portland is home to several gardens, bridges and other monuments. In addition to all the intricate structures, Portland is also home to a diverse culture and has a wide range of music and art within itself. Portland has the museum of Science and Industry, Washington park as well as the Oregon zoo which is filled with an exotic species of animals.

Open Hours: all-day
Suggested Hours: Weekend
Distance from Boston: 112.2 mi
Activities: Sightseeing

24. Portsmouth


The city of Portsmouth located in New Hampshire is known for its historic seaport and view into the sometimes calm ocean. Having the best shopping which is tax-free, Prescott Park and the Harbour which is a sight to see. The city also has several 17th and 18th-century houses inside the Strawbery Banke Museum where the locals show their crafts. The Piscataqua river also passes the calm and homely city of Portsmouth.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: Weekend
Distance from Boston:  61.6miles 
Activities: Sightseeing, shopping

25. Providence, RI

Providence, RI

The capital city of Rhode island providence is home to America’s most renowned colleges like Brown and Rhode Island School of design. The city of Providence is also known for its textile manufacturing industry which was one of the first in the country. In addition to this, they also have several steam engine and machines.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: Weekend
Distance from Boston: 51 mi
Activities: Sightseeing

26. Provincetown, MA

Provincetown, MA

Located in Massachusetts the city of Provincetown is not only one of the oldest but also one of the highly developed towns in the state. Commercial Street is the town's most active street and has a variety of shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes for the visitors. In addition to all these things there is also beaches, harbours, its artists, tourists industry and also famous for being a vacation spot for the LGBT community.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: Weekend
Distance from Boston: 115 miles
Activities: sightseeing and shopping

27. Rockport


With a population of just 7000, the town of Rockport lies on the tip of the Cape of Ann surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Being a suburban town the county is filled with several fishermen. The town also has many seafood parks and restaurants. The place is a tourist location for relaxation and exploring.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: One day
Distance from Boston: 43 miles
Activities: Leisure

28. Salem, MA

Salem, MA

Located in Massachusetts the city of Salem is known for its rather dark history. Salem has a history of witch trials, these were trials where 200 people were accused of witchcraft. They were wrongly alleged and furthermore 20 innocent people were even executed at these horrific trials. The witch trials show the visitors a spooky and horrific experience.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: 6-7 hours
Distance from Boston: 24 miles
Activities: Exploring, sightseeing

29. Sculptured Rocks

Sculptured Rocks

Located at Gorton in New Hampshire the sculptured rocks is a 272-acre wide geological area of narrow, sculptured rocks forming a swimming hole in the middle. The place is usually visited by locals for daily swims and walks. The sculptured rocks also give way to the Cockermouth River, the longest tributary of the Newfound lake.

Open Hours: Sunrise-sunset
Suggested Hours: 4 hours
Distance from Boston: 116 miles
Activites: Swimming, exploring

30. Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

The Spectacle island showcases a wide range of activities for its visitors. The island has a vast beach, exhibits featuring art, a maira and an elevated walking trail leading to a majestic viewpoint. The most important feature of the island is the sea glass that rests on its shores. The sea glass and pottery found here is said to be over a 100 years old.

Open Hours: All-day
Suggested Hours: 5-6 Hours
Distance from Boston: 10.9 miles
Activities: leisure, beaches, collecting sea glass

31. The Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine

An artificial desert made of the remains of an unfertilized piece of the land, the Desert of Maine is one of Boston's most unique places for all sorts of desert adventures. The desert also has a beautiful sand gift shop and an insightful sand museum for all its visitors. In addition to this, they also offer camping, desert tours and walks around the 55 acres of land.

Open Hours: 9am-5pm
Suggested Hours: 4-5 hours
Distance from Boston: 128 miles
Activities: Camping, tours

32. White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain National Forest

Spread over 168000 acres of land the White Mountain National Forest is home to not only a wide range of flora and fauna but also 64 camping sites for hikers and trekkers who visit this national forest. The forest also has different activities like skiing and travelling local transport is also an experience for the visitors.

Open Hours: 8 am- 5 pm ( closed on Saturday and Sunday)
Suggested Hours: Depends on one's interest
Distance from Boston: 126 miles
Activities: Camping, hiking, outdoor activities

Here is our collection of the Day trips from Boston. We hope you like it do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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