Weather :

Location : 4 miles from Boston.

Accessibility : Ferry Service

Open Hours : Dawn to Dusk

Vegetation : deciduous and conifer trees, and meadow grasses.

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Spectacle Island, Boston Overview

Located in the midst of multiple islands in the blue Boston Harbor is the beautiful spectacle island. Showcasing a panoramic view of the tranquil Atlantic ocean the island is home to a renowned lifeguarded swimming beach as well as a marina for the private jets. The island has been the soul location of not only the agricultural industry but also the hotel and the housing industry. Today the island is known for its exciting recreational activities and comfortable facilities to provide an ideal day for its visitors.

In the heart of Boston Harbor is the 105-acre Spectacle island full of a unique variety of vegetation. The island is also home to a range of insects and birds. These keep the ecosystem of the island going. In addition to this, the island is also an ideal getaway for not only visitors but also the city locals. The tranquil climate on the ideal seems ideal for a relaxing weekend. The activities at the park attract children, teenagers as well as adults with multiple exciting activities for its visitors.

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Exciting activities at the park.

Spectacle Island has several recreational activities for its visitors:
  • Pricing
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Kite Flying
  • Short Educational films
  • Visitor centre exhibits
  • Ranger-guided programs
  • Self guided materials

Essential Amenities at the park.

Spectacle Island also has several park amenities for its visitors that make the weekend ideal for relaxation.
  • Visitor centers
  • Restrooms
  • Drinking water
  • ADA Accessible perimeter trail
  • Swimming beach
  • Rinse station
  • Snack bar with outdoor seating
  • Marina and Moorings
  • Event Tent


The island initially was made of two small drumlins that were connected by a split, which is where it originally got its name from. However, during the dumping of trash, the island became bigger and is now 105 acres big! The island is now made of two artificial earth mounds, newly planted vegetation, and 5 mile-long walking trail.

History of the island.

The island was initially open in the 19th century where two hotels were built. Eventually, they were removed because of illegal trade and gambling.

A horse rendering track was also built followed by a city trash incinerator which lasted up to 1935. After the incinerator was used up garbage was dumped around the island and the island was smelly and full of garbage.

Two sets of range lights were made on the island by the United States Lighthouse, these were made with the aim to mark the last leg of the channel into Boston.

The third tunnel project was also made in 1992 where the island's dirt was removed and excavated in order to redo the entire island's surface layer. The dirt-covered two feet of the island, when they removed this dirt a 1000 trees were planted in the same soil. In addition to this, they also made a walking trail, a marina, and a cafe center.

Spectacle Island was opened to the public in June 2006, with hiking trails and adventure activities for all its visitors.

How to reach

To reach the island there is not a lot of work involved. The way is pretty direct and easy for visitors to follow. Visitors should take the ferry services that are provided by the Boston Harbour Cruises. Visitors can book the tickets to the Spectacle Island from the official website of the service providers. Visitors can also collect the tickets from the official phone number or in person from the LongWharf station.

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