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Om Beach, Gokarna Overview

Om beach is a wonderful beach located in the town of Gokarna. Shaped like the symbol 'Om', this beach offers a number of adventure sports to the junkies. The view of this beach during sunset is one to be cherished forever.

Om beach derives its name from its shape, which is formed by two semi crescents joined together. The fine sand lovely rock creations here attract a lot of travellers. One can spot fishermen boats, small cafes and eateries and crows swirling up in the sky at this beautiful beach. It is usually lined with shacks on the sides offering cheap accommodation and restaurants with exotic menus. There is also a bunch of fun water sports activities available on Om Beach, including speedboats, surfing etc. Visitors can even enjoy boating here. The beauty of this beach compels many visitors even to cross the danger area (marked by red) and play in the splashing waves.  This place is a heaven for all the shutterbugs, with some mind-blowing sceneries amidst the rocky terrain.

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Activities at Om Beach

Om Beach is the centre for several water sports activities such as surfing, water-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. The beach also offers a breathtaking view during the sunset. Travellers can even choose to stay overnight here in the nearby wooden cottages. 

1. Banana Boat Rides
Banana boat rides are can be ideally enjoyed during favorable wind and requires presence of clear water for a memorable experience. It is especially enjoyed by groups who visit Om beach together. It is also the most trending sport here.

2. Bumper Boat Ride
The thrashing waves can be best explored by enjoying the 15 minute Bumper Boat ride. It is initiated by special safety instructions, followed by tying of a bumper boat to a speed boat. Then the speed boat runs the bumper boat through the blue water in gushing speed. This sport is especially loved by the adrenaline junkies.

3. Dolphin Spotting
Nature enthusiasts can also indulge in dolphin spotting. The humpback dolphins are quite clever and can easily sense human voices; hence you must be alert during this activity. Make sure to keep your cameras and cell phones handy, to capture these mesmerizing creatures that can be etched in your memory forever.

4. Jet Skiing
Nothing can be more fun than enjoying a jet skiing ride on this beach. The gushing and pristine water serves as an ideal requirement for this sport.

5. Fishing
This is quite a distinctive way to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the vastly spread water around. Take a ride until the ocean and drop a hook in the deep waters to enjoy this activity.

6. Speed Boating
This is ideally the best way to witness the grandeur of this vacation spot. This idyllic way of witnessing the coastline is quite popular among the travellers.

7. Beachside Trekking
As Gokarna is set on a hilly terrain, it serves as an ideal trekking spot. The rocky terrain offers a unique trekking experience to the visitors. The pleasurable walk along the paths drenched by the lashing waves makes this activity a memorable one.

Grab your bag pack and get ready to tread along these rocky areas adorned by the lush green trees. There are life guards and divers available on the beach to provide you with all the safety instructions before taking part in any adventure sport. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, you can choose to star gaze at the open sky while strolling with your partner on the beach. 

Best Time To Visit Om Beach

The best time to visit Om beach and the nearby areas is from the month of October until March. The temperature reached to about 32 degrees and the weather is pleasant throughout the day.

Nearby Places

Kudle Beach is located at a short walk away from Om Beach, and it also promises to compete with the latter in terms of scenic views and laid-back lifestyle. Other beaches in the area include the Half Moon Beach and the Paradise Beach. Both these beaches are very secluded with scarce population and have to be reached by boat.

If you are a foodie and want to enjoy the local cuisine here, gorge some food at the famous Namaste Café which is heavily flocked by the visitors at Om beach. You can even ignite the adventurer in you and opt for beach trekking. This trekking includes the five beaches in Gokarna, namely- Gokarna beach, Paradise beach, Half Moon beach, Kudle beach and Om beach. Discover the temples nearby, indulge in soothing yoga sessions by the beach or get bitten by the photographer bug and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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