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Famous & Local Food of Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh has a platter similar to that of the other North- Indian states with similar elements, styles, food habits, ingredients and delicacies. The food derives much influence from Punjabi and Tibetan cuisine, giving the visitors quite a unique blend to relish.

A staple meal in the state would consist of Dals, rice, broth, roti and sabzi. Meat, especially red meat is also a favourite, and almost all delicacies here are prepared with a rich gravy, fragrant with local aromatic spices and herbs. With few of these constants in place, Himachal's cuisine differs over its varied terrains and climates, and the geography gives newer alterations and versions to the food, making the overall platter rich and vibrant. Sidu (a preparation of wheat), Patande (a local version of pancakes), Chouk, Bhagjery, Chutney of 'Til', Khatta, Kali Dal, Aloo palda, Auriya Kadoo (a preparation of pumpkin), Spicy lotus stems are the highlights of the state's cuisine. One also finds Momos and Noodles in the area. Himachal is also known for the fresh and juicy varieties of fruits here. One should not miss these and maybe even take some home. It also hosts the Food Festival of Dham, which celebrates the variety, richness, colour and festivity of the local cuisine, food styles and habits.

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Himachal Pradesh
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