How To Reach Zermatt

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How to Reach Zermatt

To get into Zermatt, the most logical option is that of the train. Zermatt is a no car zone, so you cannot take your car beyond Taesch, which is 7 km out. Zermatt also does not have an airport. So, taking the train is best option, which runs from Brig and goes to Zermatt via Visp.

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How to Reach Zermatt from India

Flights from India can be taken from most of the major international airports to Zurich, Basel or Milan, which are the closest airports to Zermatt. From there, a train to Brig or Visp can be taken, where you will have to change on to the BVZ which will take you to Zermatt. You can also travel directly till Taesch, where you will find taxis to take you to Zermatt. Direct flights however are only available from New Delhi and Mumbai.

How to reach Zermatt by flight

The nearest airports to Zermatt are those in Basel, Zurich and Milan. Trains can be taken from these locations to Brig, from where you can change for the train to Zermatt. You can even take a taxi or a car to Taesch from these cities, which is usually a faster alternative.

How to reach Zermatt by road

Since Zermatt is a no car zone, you cannot take your car beyond Taesch. From Taesch, the 7 km long distance has to be covered either by train or by taxi.

How to reach Zermatt by train

The only way to reach Zermatt directly is by rail. The BVZ rail system offers the easiest and the most picturesque route to Zermatt. The train starts from Brig, and then reaches Zermatt via Visp and Tasch. You can enjoy the mesmerising views of the Monte Rosa range on your left as you go towards Zermatt.

Local transport in Zermatt

Zermatt is a car free zone. One of the best ways to explore the town is on bicycles, which are available on rent. Old fashioned horse carriages are still used in Zermatt. Solar and electric powered buses also run in the town, along 2 routes, the green line and the red line. The green line connects the lift stations and the red line operates from the Winkelmatten to the Sunnegga lifts, via the resort. Or, the best way to soak in the atmosphere of the city is to simply walk. Being rather small in size, you can cover it quite easily on foot, and revel in the natural beauty of the town.

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