How To Reach Zurich

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How to Reach Zurich

Zurich is an extremely well connected city. It's importance globally and domestically makes it paramount that the city is easily accessible from everywhere.

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How to Reach Zurich from India

Flights from India to Zurich are available from nearly all the international airports of the country. Airlines such as Qatar, Etihad, Air India, Jet Airways and many pther airlines provide flights to Zurich. Swiss Air and Air India operate direct flights only from New Delhi and Bombay.

How to reach Zurich by flight

The Zurich Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in the Country. It has flights running to and from all over the world. It lies at an approximate 12 minute train ride from the main city.

How to reach Zurich by road

Travelling to Zurich via car is fairly simple, and is in fact a wonderful ride. The A1, A2, A3, A4, A11, A20, and A51 all either pass through Zurich or bypass it via it's outskirts.

How to reach Zurich by train

Zurich HB, or Hauptbahnhof, is Zurich's main train station. As with the airport, it is connected several cities all across Europe such as Humburg, Hannover, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin etc in Germany, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Paris in France, Rome and Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain among many others. The train station is located in the centre of the city, making access to public transport very simple.

How to reach Zurich by bus

Cities and towns around Zurich are connected quite well to the capital via bus services. Internationally, buses run from neighbouring countries like Germany, Spain and other European countries.

How to reach Zurich by Waterways

Cities, villages and towns along the Lake Zurich can access Zurich via boat.

Local transport in Zurich

Public transport is well connected. Buses and trams operate throughout the city, with day passes available for various zones. Zurich falls in zone 110. Exploring Zurich on foot is a very good alternative. Many of the attractions are close to each other, and Zurich is a very beautiful place for a stroll. Car rentals and taxis services are widely available as well.

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