What is the best time to visit Zermatt?

The summer months between June and September, along with those between November and January, are considered peak tourist times in Zermatt. However, during the summer months, the temperatures are warmer, and more importantly, the prices are reltively much lower. The summers offer a good time to roam around the city with temperatures ranging between 12 - 25 degrees celsius. During September especially, conditions are ideal for skiing, hiking, and biking, among other activities, with day time temperatures hovering around 15 degree celsius.

Weather in Zermatt


Upcoming Zermatt Weather

Monthly Weather in Zermatt

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -10 -4
February -5 2
March -1 6
April -2 7
May 3 12
June 8 18
July 8 17
August 8 17
September 6 14
October 0 7
November -3 2
December -3 3

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