How to Reach Lucerne

Lucerne is an easy reach via car or train. It, however, doesn't have an airport and you will have to land at Zurich or Berne and then take a train.

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How to Reach Lucerne from India

Flights from India to Switerland are available from nearly all the international airports of the country. Airlines such as Qatar, Etihad, Air India, Jet Airways and many pther airlines provide flights to Zurich. Swiss Air and Air India operate direct flights only from New Delhi and Bombay. From Zurich, you can take a train to Lucerne, or rent a car, both of which will take you approximately another hour.

How to reach Lucerne by flight

Lucerne does not have an airport. A flight has to be taken to Zurich or Berne, and then a train to reach Lucerne.

How to reach Lucerne by road

Driving to Lucerne is going to make you witness some of the most stunning and picturesque views Switzerland has to offer. The roads are magnificent too, adding to the entire spectacle of driving down. Lucerne is at a distance of about 45 minutes from Zurich, and an hour from Berne and Basel. Renting cars in Zurich is fairly simple. You'll find a lot of options at the airport itself.

How to reach Lucerne by train

The train system in Switzerland is actually quite sophistciated. It covers almost the entire country and the views and sceneries are just breathtaking. Trains from Zurich will take you about 50 minutes to an hour, and an hour and 15 - 20 minutes from Basel and Berne.

How to reach Lucerne by bus

Direct intercity bus services in Switzerland aren't very prominent. For example, to go from Zurich to Lucerne in a bus, you first have to take a train to the outskirts and then take the bus. Train travel is recommended to get to Lucerne.

Local transport in Lucerne

Buses and local train networks are ideal forms of commuting in the city. The entire region is divided into zones and Lucerne City is Zone 10. A day pass for zone 10 will cost CHF 10. The pass will allow you to cover all the attractions of the city. Purchasing of tickets can be done through cash, credit card, or through a phone app called OV ticket. A fine of CHF 90 can be levied if you're found travelling without a ticket or with an invalid ticket.

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