Islands of Trang

Away from the usually crowded Phi-Phi and Phuket islands, the Trang islands are surprisingly under the radar. Trang Islands are just as magical as their more famous contemporaries with crystal clear (Read More)waters and awe-inspiring sceneries.

Here is the list of 5 Islands of Trang

1. Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan

A 3-kilometre long island, Koh Kradan is located off the coast of Trang. The white beaches here make for excellent attractions for tourists to kick back and relax on. There are other activities available as well for those who want to do more on their vacation. One can go snorkelling in the crystal blue waters and see the underwater life of many colourful fishes and plants which are present in the area. Koh Kradan is a day-destination for tourists from nearby islands.

2. Koh Muk

Koh Muk

An island on the southern Andaman coast near Thailand, the name Koh Muk has a beautiful meaning. Muk is the Thai word for Pearl, and thus the island is also known as Pearl Island. More than 50% of the island is a national park. A resort was built on Koh Muk island, but because it had was made without permission from the correct authorities, it is now deserted. However, the beach is still accessible, and tourists visit it regularly to take in the beauty of the island beaches.

3. Koh Libong

Koh Libong

It is the largest Trang Island and is still very less visited by the travellers. The island is surrounded by mangroves and mountains and is quite unusual of other Thailand islands. The travellers can get just a few resort or hotel options on the island and one can spend a night in as less as 1000 Baht in Koh Libong.

4. Koh Sukorn

Koh Sukorn

With just a handful of resorts and hotels, Koh Sukorn has no ATM or nightlife. For a peaceful and relaxing stay on a beach with absolute detox from social life, Koh Sukron is the best among all other Thailand islands.

5. Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai

For a day trip from Thailand, Koh Ngai is perfect for the travellers! This place is often referred to as Koh Hai and is situated off the coast of Trang. There are no shops or fancy places in this island, just a few resorts which boast of the island tranquillity and beauty. The travellers can also hop into Koh Mook, the neighbouring island.

If you are someone enjoys isolation and time to introspect, visit the Trang Islands for some peace and quiet overlooking picturesque sceneries and beaches away from the crowded islands.

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