What is the best time to visit Son La?

During this season, the rains are minimal and temperatures reduce to an almost temperate-like climate, making it the most comfortable season to visit Son La. This season brings in the coldest weather conditions along with occasional bouts of fog and drizzle. It offers the most comfortable weather and it is ideal for trekking and outdoo activity, making it undoubtedly the best season tio visit.

Weather in Son La


Upcoming Son La Weather

Monthly Weather in Son La

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 27°/ 14° 1 days
February 26°/ 14° 4 days
March 32°/ 18° 8 days
April 29°/ 17° 15 days
May 33°/ 22° 21 days
June 33°/ 23° 17 days
July 31°/ 22° 21 days
August 30°/ 21° 26 days
September 30°/ 19° 12 days
October 29°/ 18° 13 days
November 27°/ 15° 0 days
December 25°/ 10° 1 days

Son La in Spring

Spring brings in warmer temperatures and gentle showers. Temperatures may reach upto 25 degrees celsius. The rice paddy fields of Son La reach full bloom and renders a green sheen to this area. This is a great time to visit as long as you are comfortable with slightly higher tempetarures and showers.

Son La in Summer

The summers are hot and humid. Temperatures range from 22 - 28 degrees celsius and frequent and heavy showers are not uncommon. The months of April to August offer the warmest wether and tourists may find this wetaher difficult to adapt to. Thgis is also the holiday season and there are throngs of crowds at all tourist locations.

Son La in Winter

Winter brings in soothing and temperate-climate like weather to the ertwile tropical reagion. Son La being a hilly town sees cooler temperatures upto 15 degrees celsium. There are occasional bouts of drizzle and fog, but this season is relatively dry making it the best season to both trek and explore outdoors. The number of tourists is relatively low and this gives you an opportunity to watch the locals in their element.

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Son La, Vietnam

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